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Club Officer of the Watch Monthly Roster AKA Monthly Leadership Rotation


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We are introducing leadership rotation on a monthly basis in the Warships in Movies Club. In practice, what this entails is that the club members are encouraged to take turns for being in charge of selecting each Movie of the Month, beginning for July 2024. (We already have a movie picked for June.)

As a reminder, each Movie of the Month should involve at least one warship, sufficient quantities of water, but does not need to be a depiction of battle. The other requirements are that it should either be in English or come with English subtitles, and be available for public viewing for free (so nothing hidden behind a pay wall, in other words) online, either on YouTube or some reputable site other than that.


Officer of the Watch


Each OOW (Officer of the Watch) will have the choice of either making the movie selection on their own or putting the matter to a vote by using a forum poll for this purpose. Each watch begins on the first day of the month, and the selection should be made either prior to beginning of their watch, or by the first weekend of the month by the latest.

Members can either sign up for the upcoming month, or if they prefer, in advance for a month coming up later in the year. In either case, once the duty roster and the OOW have been confirmed, that month will be reserved for them.

Should there be a 'leadership challenge' in the form of two members booking the same month for their watch, there's hardly any situation where 'parlay' wouldn't work to solve the situation.


If we need be, we will try to 'parlay' about the roster to find a suitable free monthly slot for all interested members, or if need be, put the matter to a vote.



Officer of the Watch Roster

Below you will find the OOW roster for the upcoming months. Please post in this thread if you are interested in being OOW for any particular month. The first 'watch' will start in July.

All months currently vacant.

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