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How things work - Read this first !


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Welcome to everyone who has joined the club!


The leader of the club, aka 'Grand Moth', picks a movie that will be the 'Movie of the Month'. Club members are free to make suggestions, but there's an important restriction to consider. These movies have to be freely available, meaning nothing that's hidden behind a paywall of any kind. They also have come with English subtitles when necessary.

The leadership will change hands on a rotational basis, roughly about every month or every other month depending on the situation and how many are interested in volunteering for the position. The only perk of the job is that it comes with complimentary slippers (jk).

At the start of the month, there will be a set time of a few days when the club members should take the time to watch the movie. I recommend opening the movie link to an adjacent tab for easier viewing and quick reference. The movie will be posted under in this section, 'Movie of the Month', and the general discussion about the movie will run under the movie topic. When the movie switches, that discussion will move to the 'General Movie Chat' section.

However, should anyone wish to have a more technical discussion related to any of the ships, the armament, or the tactics of the historical engagement (if that is featured in the movie), or some other specific historical aspect, you are encourage to ask the presiding leader to set up a separate thread for each such discussion. These discussions will most likely be moved to the Forum Historical Section. It is for this reason why the movie discussion is handled separately.

At least that is the plan at the time of writing. We will see how this shapes up as we go along.





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