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Disclaimer - legal information
§ 1 Warning about the contents of this site
The content of this site are free, and are either freely accessible without registration or accessible for free after registration. Registration requires a username, email address, game server on which the user plays World of Warships (WoWs) and a declaration of age. It is the responsibility of the user to provide correct registration details. The use of this data for verification purposes only is described in the section: Privacy Policy.

The contents of this website were created on a modern hosting platform (https://invisioncommunity.com/) which is based in the United States. Traffic is routed to the forum server through www.devstrike.net, hosted by one.com, which is based in Europe.

This site, hereafter referred to as DevStrike!, is a community-based forum for the World of Warships game by Wargaming Inc. DevStrike! is not officially associated with Wargaming Inc. DevStrike! is a not-for-profit forum, in which members may discuss issues of the game or related thereto with other members of the community, as well as share and receive community and game-related information. DevStrike! was constructed with the greatest possible care. However, the provider of this website accepts no responsibility for the nature of the content provided, including accuracy, scope or relevance. Nor is liability assumed for errors such as content errors, errors in product descriptions, technical specifications, prices, availability information and support issues. Contributions, which can be identified by the contributor's (i.e the poster’s) user name, reflect the opinion of the respective author and does not implicate sponsorship or alignment, intended or otherwise, with the views of provider. Responsibility for posted text and embedded media (including posted embedded links) likewise remain with the contributor. No contractual relationship can be claimed between any user and the provider by utilization of this site. Thus, DevStrike! has no legal obligation in this respect.

§ 2 External links
This website may contain links, known as external links, to third party websites. DevStrike! is not liable for content on or re-routing by these websites. For these websites, the respective operators are responsible for their sites. External links are checked for any legal violations or otherwise inappropriate content when they are first created. However, the provider cannot and does not influence the content of the linked sites, or their current or future alterations. The provider does not necessarily align with views or content provided by websites linked to with external links. Furthermore, although the provider will take steps to immediately remove links to external content if legal violations or the provision of inappropriate content become known, the provider cannot reasonably be expected to monitor the external links continuously, in the absence of such knowledge. without concrete evidence of legal violations. Similarly, DevStrike! is not liable for the content and routing (including method of routing) of embedded material (including links) posted by contributors (see § 1).

§ 3 Copyright and ancillary copyright
The contents published on this website are subject to international copyright and ancillary copyright law. Any use not allowed under copyright and ancillary copyright law requires prior written consent of the provider or the respective rights holder. Unauthorized duplication of individual sections or complete contents from this site is not permitted and punishable by law. However, personal, private and non-commercial use of downloaded copies is permitted.

This website or sections thereof may not be presented in external frames without written permission.

§ 4 Removal of contributed content

Devstrike! retains the right to delete contributed content, including text, other media or links, if these are considered to break Forum Rules, the terms of service of hosting sites, or other legal and contractual agreements. The decision as to whether contributed content breaks the Rules remains with DevStrike!


§ 5 Ownership and contact information

As an internet-based discussion forum, DevStrike! has no visiting address.

The best way to reach us is by email (image.png.c52e22df7a6f60ab29442a414e68332a.png) or via the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the forum page.

devstrike.net is registered to



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