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Disclaimer, Forum & ClanBase Rules

Forum Rules



Welcome to DevStrike, the unofficial World of Warships (WoWs) Forums

This forum is hosted and managed by WoWs community members. With the discontinuation of the official forums, we created this site to provide all WoWs players a place to get to know one another, discuss, and share content about WoWs. Your access to post as registered user on this site hinges on your agreement to follow certain, easy to understand Forum Rules. Access to this forum is a privilege, not a right, hence for reasons that include but are not limited to the violation of our Forum Rules user access may be revoked by DevStrike administrators. To make your experience as rewarding as possible, and to keep the forums friendly and welcoming to all, please be sure to read our Forum Rules carefully.

Adherence to Forum Rules is monitored by DevStrike community moderators. Each incident will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and the severity of resulting action, in the form of sanctions, may vary depending on the circumstances. Sanctions include written warnings, a temporary ban on the member’s posting allowance, or even revocation of the individual’s membership status. Please note that financial donations to DevStrike, be they intended for the upkeep of the site, for covering staff costs, or in support of community events, are non-refundable also in the case of sanctions.



Possible sanctions:

Level 0: No sanction. You’re clean.

Level 1 sanction: Written warning from a moderator requesting that you follow the Rules.

Level 2 sanction: 14 days ban from posting in the DevStrike forum.

Level 3 sanction: 3,6, or 12 months ban on posting. In exceptional cases, the ban may be permanent.



All sanctions (except 6 or 12 month bans and perma bans) time out after 6 months. So, 6 months after a level 2 sanction is fulfilled, the offending individual’s status returns to Level 0.

Sanctions handed out within 6 months of an earlier sanction raises the sanction level by 1. 6 months without further trespass are required after fulfilment of the sanctions for the Level to return to 0.



Forum administration and moderation:

The forums are maintained by DevStrike administrators, editors, and community moderators.  




If you have a complaint about any Forum moderation action or inaction, please send a Private Message (PM) to the moderator concerned. If the issues are not addressed, you can also PM the chief editor (see About Us section).



 Forum Rules:

1. Etiquette:

Language: The official language of this forum is English. We plan to have dedicated forum sections for other languages in the future, but please note that posts in languages other than English will be deleted from the server.





Stay on topic: Most discussion forums are solely for topics related to WoWs. Posts found to be in the wrong forum may be moved or deleted by a moderator. The Off Topic Forum does not give license to break Forum Rules. Do not create posts to share private content.



Be constructive. Every post should have some value.  If you need to be post a negative reply, justify it constructively.



Be respectful: Be respectful to others and show tolerance and open-mindedness. The Forums are used by young and old alike, from all walks of life, and people may not find things easy or self-explanatory even if you do.

Do not Name and Shame. For example, edit out a player’s details, if you need to show a screenshot of a game and criticize gameplay.

Swearing and abuse: Do not swear or use otherwise derogatory terms. Using an asterisk or similar to mask a swear word does not make it better. Don’t do it. Do not resort to personal attacks, abuse or harassment. Do not accuse others of being toxic in-game, of cheating, of being a troll. Do not claim to have "reported" someone. Do not promote national hatred or racism. Do not post links to sites that break these rules.



Do not discuss moderation and sanctions in the forums. Instead, if you get sanctioned, look up the Forum Rules to avoid future offenses.



Privacy: Do not use staff or member real names in the forums. Stick to the aliases, even if you know a person’s real name. Do not post the content of PMs in the forums. Do not share real-life information on members or staff.



Do not try to impersonate other members, moderators, or administrators. Do not act as a moderator or administrator if you aren’t one, even if you were one in the past but no longer are.



Posting style: Do not post in all CAPS – it is considered shouting. Do not use a misleading title, waste space, or post in excessively large text. Do not use excessive capitalization, multiple fonts, colors or images. Do not use red text. This is for important posts from moderators only.



Post content: Do not repeatedly post the same content, in one or more threads. Do not spam. Do not “bump" posts. Do not post links for advertising, referrals, product sales or services, illegal mods and code. Do not beg. Do not discuss illegal or forbidden activities.

Do not post pornographic content, whether with full or partial nudity.  Do not post images with real life depictions of gore, death, accidents, etc.



Inappropriate and sensitive topics:

Do not post about religion, sex, politics, social issues. Do not use an inappropriate member name or image.





The Forum Rules may be updated in the future.



Current version: 02 Aug. 2023

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