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Weekend Spree, 20-22 October 2023.

Ensign Cthulhu

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Finally completed my long-term plan for 2023, which was to train a 21 point commander for every nation in the game. 

For this, I must thank Wargaming for the following development decisions:

1) The decision to offer a 19 point Commonwealth Commander for the winning, shortening the Commonwealth grind from 14-21 to 19-21 (which I had enough spare ECXP to do almost at once).

2) The decision to modify the Supercontainers in such a way as to put 75,000 ECXP lots in them as a potential prize (I got a huge boost from these). 


Played a few games in the Cuniberti (Italian T8 tech tree DD) which had previously sucked for me, and did surprisingly well. It might be time to return to this ship.

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Well, not a lot of COOP.  Very little as there were all sorts of "Weekend things" to do.  Played Random Ops in the evenings.  Nothing else. 

I'm not working on anything anymore:  just playing.

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Viewed Twitch streams of both @Lord_Zath and @Ensign Cthulhu.

Played enough to finish the "Spanish Cruiser Challenges" mission-chain.
Posted about doing so, in different ways for each place I mentioned it.

Posted in various topics of the DevStrike forums.

Performed the sad duty of up-rooting an invasive tree (a Wild Cherry sapling, if I've identified it correctly) that sprouted and grew upwards inside the ground already occupied by a tall variaition of a blueberry bush that was on our property when my Wife and I bought our home.
The duty was sad because it had been allowed to grow for too long before I noticed its activity.
Essentially, it choked the blueberry bush by entwining tightly with it, to the extent that it was no longer feasible to separate & rescue the blueberry.
So, today I removed both and consigned their remains to destruction.

Over the winter I can perform some research to determine if blueberry bushes can survive in NH's climate outdoors while potted instead of planted in-ground.
If the answer is "no", then I'll have to select another spot on our property to plant a replacement blueberry bush.
(And do a better job of monitoring its site and health.)


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Nothing much, grind through daily mission, grinded PTS, "watched" kots stream which I have no interested at all.

Also had a day trip to a friend's house playing with cats. Much more fun and engaging than grinding wows.

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Spent some time on the PTS.  FWIW, I didn't see much difference with the "new" asymmetric battle AI prioritization.  I played both BBs and CA/Ls and still had a much harder time in cruisers.  On the NA server finished a couple of missions (KOTS, North Pole, Trafalagar.)

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