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What Collaboration do you want to see in the future, that will never happen?


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I like the idea. 
The only hurdle I can envision is that WOWs cannot afford the licensing/royalties that Disney would charge.  🙂 

Edited to add:  Personally, I would like to see a collaboration with Uchuu Senkan Yamato / Star Blazers.  🙂 

Editded again to add:  a collaboration with "Kantai Collection".

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As I submitted a few days ago:  Tom Swift Sr. and Jr.  And as Wolfie suggested "Johnny Quest..."

There are several TS Sr and Jr.books that deal in Naval weapons and it would be neat to see those story lines transfer into events...

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Kancolle's been mentioned, I guess the next thing that popped out from my mind is Black Lagoon (PT boats) & Zipang. Kept revising the scene where they use automatic 5-inch gun fire and sea sparrows that wipes out squadron of planes.

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On 10/22/2023 at 9:28 AM, kriegerfaust said:

Me i want to see a Disney Princess Collab


Well you could find a Disney princess for just about every nation/faction, 


Frozen Vanguard? (Vanguard Snow Storm Skin) with Disney going down the tubes who knows

My favorite WG/Disney parody.... maybe dated but it's still Gold.


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8 minutes ago, OldSchoolGaming_Youtube said:

I for one would really LOVE to see a "Last ship" Collab in the future!


To be perfectly honest, mostly because I want a dedicated legendary Rhone Mitra commander!

Gif - Rhona Mitra fan Art (44011632) - Fanpop

Shes a Babe!

I'll "see" your "Last Ship" and raise you one "Starship Andromeda" with Lexa Doig.  🙂 

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"Captain, I find your decision to attack the enemy Battleships highly illogical."


"Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a hull welder!"


"Are ye shur ye want t' use tha Speed Boost?  If I push th' engines any hard'r, they'll fly apart!"


"If you want to sit in that chair, risk is part of the job."


"M-5 Online."



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