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Vickers project 892 --- (Fa n made/smoke and mirror)alternatehistory.com tapatalk.com/groups/alltheworldsbattlecruisers/design-a-ship-design-a-navy-t9056.html


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That's Vickers project 892, proposed by Thurston in 1926. 26,500t, 6x16in, same armour with Nelson and 26 knots speed. Effectively a mini-Nelson with two thirds the armour and a three knots speed advantage. The Latin American navies remained uninterested but it's a pretty interesting design. Schematic courtesy of the Diminishing Returns: Small Battleship Designs, 1919-1953, by Stephen McLaughlin article in Warship 2008. But at 35,000 there is no reason not to go with 3 triples instead.




can't find a lot of talk about it or the book mentioned but who knows it may be a real paper ship or a fan made ship for a mini nelson.


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