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Playing (current) brawl is an absolute blast.


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No Cv's, no subs , 9v9, one can call it the closest thing to "classic" Wows. is just how the game was actually meant to be played, without all crap Wedgie touted as "development". Its just a TON of pure and unadulterated FUN.




Oh and there is no tier difference.

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21 minutes ago, Ensign Cthulhu said:

CV were in the game from launch, so no, excluding CV is not "Classic WOWS".

I knew that this argument would be made. 🙂  But Cv 's were MUCH rarer and players were more so... the argument is weakened by those.

Quite arguably RTS Cv's had legitimacy, which their current iteration very much, simply, lack .

16 minutes ago, Daniel_Allan_Clark said:

To each their own.

I'm glad Andrew is having fun.


Oh yes  14728F2B-B3A1-4254-850F-95D0D4BC5353.gif






I  play even dd's   14728F2B-B3A1-4254-850F-95D0D4BC5353.gif

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