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The game where you end up on your own-tongue in cheek observation.


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Tongue in cheek observation.

The game where you end up on your own.

How many times in any game type have you seen the following.

You are sailing to the enemy /cap point etc and one or more friendly players closest to you decide to sail for unknown reasons to the other side of the map,leaving you to face multiple hostile ships.

A number of players do this-the guys who activate hydro at the start of the match---either lack of knowledge how hydro works ADHD or never learned the basics of how it works.

Sometimes they even cross your path in this oblique angle nearly hitting you, trapped into binocular view oblivious to the map in the corner of the screen or the big ship they are going to collide with.

If they hit you its your fault being short tempered they swear at you giving you -1 karma to boot.

They then do little damage and are sunk within miniutes.

You on the other hand are facing off against 2 or more ships.

My answers to this is pretty simple--weekends are when the kids are home or the weekend mixed ability group are playing,the lemmings are on in abundance and i am eternally grateful friendly fire is off due to the number of torps the hit me when i am using brawling ship.🤣

Aas an elderly guy nearing 70 i should not get the top spot in co-op on weekends.

Examples of various weekend plays.



Have fun and remember,its only a game. 


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COOP really isn't COOP, it is a competition with your teammates to amass the most damage/kills/etc in the short time of the battle. Consequently support from a cap mate isn't likely to happen. Having said that COOP players tend to be a lot more laid back than the other modes and if you ask for something you may well get it, I rarely see salt in the COOP chat, and when I do it usually makes me chuckle rather than anything else. I've only occasionally reported people for chat, that's when it has been beyond the pale. If WG could make the games longer by having the bots respawn or some other means, then you might see some cooperative action with teammates. No money in it for WG so probably won't happen.

There are botters in coop and after a lull they came back this weekend, if a ship triggers sonar at the start and then winds up stuck on an island you can be fairly certain that the player is running a bot script of some kind.

Don't worry about nearing 70 I'm very nearly 65 and a lot of my friends and associates in WoWS are well beyond our collective sell by dates and we seem to do fine. I think it's the best aspect of the game that a bunch of old farts like us can have a decent gaming experience online without getting creamed by some spotty 12 year old questioning your parents marital status. 

As to abandoning caps, on certain maps I won't go to certain caps as they tend to isolate you from the other caps. If I head for another cap other than the one I spawned on it's usually because I've figured out that my options in an 8 minute battle are going to be better elsewhere. A lot of games will see your XP badly affected by the cap you are spawned at, the geography, and the number of cap mates that you are spawned with. If you're in a CA or a BB and you have a Marceau or a Kleber in front of you with a competent captain then you are going to see diddly squat for XP. There are some aspects of this game that need some serious attention, WG does things but rarely do they work out in our favour.

If you see me in a game give me an o7 and we can run a div for a few games.

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