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Vanguard and Hood Moments


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4 hours ago, Wolfswetpaws said:

Ah, that's more like the "Squirrel on caffine" @SoshiSone head-on-a-swivel play that I'm familiar with.  🙂 

You were popping ship's hulls as though they were balloons.  Well done!  🙂 

Yeah, I can do the fixed third person look without the squirrel but then you don't get to see the fine aspects of the aim points or the hit places.  The squirrel is captain's chair view.

Also, I only noticed it recently (not sure when it was coded into the game), but there is a swosh sound effect associated with the zoom.

As a case in point for the head on a swivel, note the Hood strike on the Chungking.  In zoom I was targeting the DD.  When I did the zoom out, I picked up on the Chungking and switched targets.  Furthermore, while the rounds were in flight, I was looking around for something else.  It was only due that nothing else was targetable, that I switched back to see where my rounds landed on the Chungking.  If something else is targetable, I would only see notice of the kill and not see the kill itself.  Also, nine times out of ten, I'll get a pen or an overpen and that's all.  But sometimes...yeah...I get that. 

The Chungking captain recognized me from the forums and was a very good sport.  I gave him a plus up compliment.  To be fair, I've been on the receiving end in similar situations and he was nicer than I tend to be in those moments.

Although I point out the value of those 15 inchers, note all the kills were ship tier or less, with both Hood kills two tiers down (Tier 5).  I've not looked at the Kansas armor profile, but the three cits surprised the hell out of me.  I was originally going for the cruiser, but he started to turn bow in. So the better money was on the broadside BB.  I expected a pen or two.  But I'm not complaining.

Lastly, the kill on the Hipper, needing two half salvos was a "textbook" smoke read.  Initial read showing putting on the brakes; no lead...piper on the ship.  Second half salvo read was smoke transitioning to a reverse...piper behind (reverse lead) and slightly long (due to the slant angle).  As I kept the target locked after firing the second half salvo, the camera followed the ship, which is why the shells look like they are curving to the left.


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43 minutes ago, ArIskandir said:

What in heavens is a Rattlehead?... it looks like a Marblehead... new event ship? 🤔

There was a Megadeth collaboration back in August. It is an Omaha class ship (looks to be Marblehead configuration/stats). The ship had to be bought (ie; no way to earn it). There were also some earnable Captains. I didn't know anything about Megadeth (and still don't - don't care - LOL) and didn't really get involved in that event. Think I got one of the Capt's from a mission chain.



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1 hour ago, ArIskandir said:

What in heavens is a Rattlehead?... it looks like a Marblehead... new event ship? 🤔

There was a collaboration event with the band Megadeth.  Rattlehead is their "mascot" on some album covers.
So, WG/WOWs made him into an in-game Commander, along with performer Dave Mustaine.
So, two Megadeth collaboration commanders plus the re-skin of the Marblehead to become the ship Rattlehead.  
Personally I found the whimsy entertaining.  🙂
And I welcomed both Commanders.


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