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Community Tokens section of Armory has 10pt US Ashley Violet Commander for 3000 CT

Ensign Cthulhu

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1 hour ago, Ensign Cthulhu said:

And from the looks of it, you can buy as many as you can afford.

So if you're looking for a non-doubloon way to stock up on 10 point commanders for your US ships, and the Community Tokens are burning a hole in your pocket, what are you waiting for?

And she is "based" on Fem IRC.

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1 hour ago, Andrewbassg said:

so yeah, pretty much, just listen to them

Oh the similarities are unarguable, just that I'd never heard any concrete statement from anyone that the resemblance was deliberate - plus you have to remember that for quite some time, Ashley didn't have her own voiceover at all. IIRC you got a generic US male voice, but I can't comment from personal experience because I only got her after they added the English voice lines. And I recall the NA CM's saying on stream last night that she was originally a Twitch creation (which is why she had no personal voice file at first). 

Now if it turns out that there had been a carefully contrived plan by the CCs who wrote Ashley's script to sneakily Femennenly-ize her, I'd take my hat off to them because that would be awesome (although ultimately, the credit really goes to the voice actress).

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7 minutes ago, Volron said:

I was glad when they finally got her a unique VO.

Me too.

Though, at first, her voice was weak or very below normal volume when compared with the generic US Navy voice.
Eventually they revised Ashley Violet's unique voice to sound almost on-par with the generic US Navy voice volume.
I can live with her voice, now.

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I would really like if they made the captain able to be used in any nation or like the old Dasha captains in Armory, especially since its a fantasy character.

Cool to be able to get a 10-pointer for a currency as CT but US, since its one of the OG nations is the nations I have a shitload of 21 pointers already. Newer nations im really lacking.

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