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A "How To" for adding imgur.com hosted images to your posts


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Most times you can just paste a link to the url of some off site image and it will then display automatically in your post. It's quick and easy when that works. You can also upload images directly to the forum and insert them in your post. That is great too except we have a limit on how much we can upload in total to the site (48.83MB is the limit it says). If you reach the limit you can't upload more and I don't see anywhere that it would let you delete some other uploaded stuff to make space. That leaves photo hosting sites. Unfortunately, if you use imgur.com to host your images none of the codes they give work on these forums; not even the traditional and nearly universally accepted [img] image url [/img].

When using imgur.com...

  • The direct link option ends up showing as a link and the image does not show here
  • The [img] image url [/img] code doesn't work either and will just display as text
  • The other 2 options are for website embedding and Reddit so not applicable.

You can get your imgur.com photos to show in your posts however with just a small edit of the direct link code they give. 

  • On imgur.com go to your image that you want to add to your post.
  • Mouse over the image and then click on the Copy Link button that appears (no need to open the - - - for all the options). This will give you a direct link to the image.


  • On the forums post you are doing, down at the bottom where you can upload images to the site to use, go way over to the right and click on "Other Media".


  • Select "Insert image from URL".


  • In the URL window that appears paste the link you got off imgur.com, type .jpg on the end of it (NO space between the last text character of the link and the .jpg), then click the blue "Insert into post" button (note this will not work if you paste the link from imgur.com directly into the post itself and try to add .jpg to the end - the site won't make it part of the link and it will just act like it is normal text you typed).


  • Done

Pretty simple way to do it (even though it took a bit to figure out how to do it) and use imgur.com vs uploading images here and eating up all the space you have quickly. Would be easier if the forum supported [img] image url [/img] (really odd it doesn't) as that is one of the code options on imgur.com and it would be a copy/paste/done but this isn't too bad.

Hope it helps. 




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