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That feeling when a Green Bot stat-shames you all:

Ensign Cthulhu

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"... Our opponents seemed to be in a vigorous mood, too, at least as much as can be discerned from the behaviors of 'Bots in a Co-op match.
They're not talkative, but they do exhibit above-average cleverness on occasion and tonight there were several such occasions.  ..."



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22 hours ago, MidnightPhoenix07 said:

And does it in Slightly Bigger Hindy of all things. Beating an Annapolis too…

It's a pity we don't get to look at other players' end screens so that we could see exactly what it did to achieve that score. I'm reminded that against Annapolis's Reload Frenzy Button, Clausewitz has a voluminous torpedo suite that it can use to good effect at the distances commonly seen in co-op. 

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