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I am starting to hate the New Dawn map

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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This is one of the oldest maps that was great and well balanced. However, the tweaks that have been done of late, it makes is the most unrecognized maps in trying to play a match. The hills look Lego blocky and not smooth by erosion. If Wargaming keeps going on with the map changes it will start to look like a paintball field. I wonder why sandbars are put in the capture points now? It doesn't feel right to me in game play since I know the map's history.

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 I just played a game on New Dawn which was recently visually updated and many of the islands where i would think i wouldn't be spotted through i was.  Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this or is these islands were like this before the rework?

Spotted by Florida behind island in what is normally cap C

Then spotted over a second island in which the enemy Agincourt is completely blocked by.  Oh btw 5k damage on 2 torps.    Welcome to rigged games!





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