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Two days to offical launch!


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Guys and gals, we are soon live, for real.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone on the devstrike forum. To those who shared valuable, constructive ideas with me in those last frantic days before the old forum was shuttered, and in the days that followed. To the moderators that we have (and the couple who have I've hooked but their status changes aren't in effect yet!) - you have already shown your mettle, and I'm proud to have you aboard. To LittleWhiteMouse and Chobittsu, who will honor us with their works. To the forum members who came here so soon, putting their faith in us, and asking what they can do to help. Thank you for your trust! Guys and gals, this forum was made for you. This is Your forum!

Now the launch date approaches, and although our Post Post Office (PPO) project fell spectacularly on its face, we will be good to go. The two outstanding issues of note that I shall address in the next 36 hours are our forum moderation tools, and the donate button issue. Other aspects are less critical, and shall be dealt with at a later time.

Folks, a forum only lives with its members. It is only as good, as its members make it. Let's make this a good forum, let's make this a place all WoWs players will want to join. Please use the DiB feedback option, if you have ideas for improvement, please help spread the good word, on Discord, reddit, and elsewhere, about our site, and bang any drums you can find. Bang 'em for your [ASIA] server mates, for [NA] and [EU]. Bang 'em for all your worth!  Thank you.

To the forum!



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17 hours ago, I_cant_Swim_ said:

Thank you.

And thank you and everyone who made this forum possible.  🙂

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