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7D2D Undead Legacy and Darkness Falls


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How many play 7 Days to Die?  Of those who do, how many have tried Undead Legacy and/or Darkness Falls?

I have played both mods a bit, but of the two I've put a lot more time into UL.  UL just "clicks" better with me, that and being able to repair some random vehicles that dot the landscape.  That is fun!

I am aware that Darkness Falls currently has an experimental for A21, and have been considering giving it a go.  Been waiting until the experimental builds start to taper off just a little more.

What is really cool about these mods, each mod dev works to help the other.  Khaine and Subquake help each other when getting their mods to work and test things.  DF is coming along quicker because there are not as many core changes done as there are in UL though.  Right now each are focused on getting their own mod to a good point, and DF will likely be first to go stable.  At that point, Khaine will very likely start to help Subquake if he's still got stuff needed to be done.  Gotta love modders who help each other like they do.

If you haven't, try giving DF A20 and/or UL A20 a go using the the 7D2D mod launcher.  Trust me, it will make things MUCH easier using the launcher!

Here is the link to the launcher:  http://7d2dmodlauncher.org/


A mod that is not mentioned in the title is Ravenhearst.  Something to note, I haven't put a lot of time into this mod.  So I can't speak too much on it, but what I've seen has proven to be fun.  It is a tough one at the start, but that is fine with me.  You may want to give it a go if you are itching for A21 mods, as this one is shaping up to be solid.


Been lookin for folks to join in UL and/or DF though.  Will have to come after working things in WoWs of course. Smile_great.gif.ff9d4ab3002206b67ce1d47fd4d2411a.gif

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