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Project Zomboid gamers?


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6 hours ago, Folded_1000_Times said:

Pretty ok relaxing game, zombie survival game with deep rpg elements.

What I like about the game is that it has a "learn as you do" mechanic.  7D2D used to have that, not the loot shooter it has become.  Fortunately there are Modder's out there who also agree with me, like Subquake's Undead Legacy.

I have not delved into PZ too much, as I honestly prefer 7D's play style, but it is not to say I don't like the game. Smile_Default.gif.d8b2e8b4baf80f0d585be14bcc446355.gif

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10 hours ago, Folded_1000_Times said:

Why the sleepy react? I know Darios does it in every topic so that's normal for him.

I'm not interested or not a fan of that particular game.

Though, the notion of whether or not to expand DevStrike's horizons to discuss other games in topics or a dedicated section is a legitimate question.

There was a dedicated Azur Lane topic in the old WOWs forums, for example.  It was relevant because WOWs did collaborations with Azur Lane.

Still, this isn't an official World of Warships forum.  It's DevStrike.net and can decide its own fate and what games & interests the members want to have as topics.

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