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Low Tier Fun • Duguay-Trouin


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This French ship is my favorite Tier IV tech tree cruiser. Just like that Friant, the Duguay-Trouin is just one fun light cruiser to play in a tier that has been yearning for some love and attention from Wargaming. The ship is not overpowered, thinly armored even, but her speed and ballistics are comfortable.

The first time I saw this ship was on Narai. At that time, I was still grinding my first tech tree line, the IJN cruiser line. Duguay-Trouin was always the first one to blow up in that Operation whenever it was Narai week. LOL!



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Duguay is probably the strongest T4 cruiser. Excellent gun rage and very good torps, and she doesn't explode when you look at her funny like Danae.

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