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German BC main gun accuracy


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So i'm working my way up the german BC line and i noticed at Zeitan even with the aiming Systems mod 1 that accuracy of the zeitan is much worse than the P.Heinrich.  Now that could be chalked up to 2 less shells but then you look at ship tool and you see that the tier 8(zeitan) 9 and 10 get 1.7 sigma while the lower tiers get 1.5 and it becomes baffeling.  So i figured, maybe this the Gneisenau effect and the lack of guns causes the percieved bad accuracy.  However, now i'm at P.Ruppert with the 8 guns again and the accuracy with the aiming mod1 is atrocious.  I mean i just missed a flat broadside yamato citadel at 3k.    And thats not even talking about the fact that almost every shell that does hit is an overpen, no matter how angled, armored or far away the ship is.  I just shot at a Hindenburg at 10k who was just outside auto bounce  angle where 2 shells landed right at the waterline and i got 3 overpens out of it.   Now i could make this post about how did WG make this lines main guns completely useless but the point of this post is to talk about the Aiming systems mod one.    The accuracy just seems so bad it's almost like the mod doesn't work on these higher tier ships, or worse, feels like it may actually hurting the dispersion.   Has anyone ever done tests to find out if there is a bug with these ships (I'm looking at you mouse with houndish puppy dog eyes)?   I'm going to pull the mod off and switch over to the cookie cutter secondary mod to see if i can see any difference.  But has anyone else tinkered with this and noticed anything weird?

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Having played with accuracy and dispersion more than most players, it's not you.  RNG will RNG and blasting citadels up close is going to bake your noodle more than most other shots owing to the flat trajectory of shells.  They all LOOK like they should hit but good gravy, does RNGeebus like to troll with undershoots and overshoots.  Have some dispersion charts at 5km.  These are all to the same scale.  Every battleship here has the same 1.7 sigma dispersion and is using 180 AP shells with no upgrades.  The shadow is a footprint of Fuso with shots coming in from the side.





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2 hours ago, WES_HoundDog said:

I mean i just missed a flat broadside yamato citadel at 3k.

I hear ya.

It reminds me of this scene from Battlestar Galactica, when Commander Kane is preparing to attack two Cylon Basestars.

"... standby all missiles for point-blank launch ..."  (at 3 minutes and 12 seconds into the video clip).

Side note:  @I_cant_Swim_, when will we be able to "choose files" for uploading? 
I wanted to provide a screen-shot, but the forum feature for doing so is currently invisible and out-of-order.

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