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We're a casual COOP and Ops orientated clan although many of our clan play other modes as well. We are virtually fully upgraded with only the final Supership upgrade to be achieved. We don't have rigorous requirements, you have to play once every 30 days and you have to behave yourself in chat and in battle. Other than that you do what you do best. Our members span the globe with a couple from the antipodes but most from North America, this means that there is usually someone logged on at whatever time of day you choose to play. Ops players tend to be online in the evening to early morning EDT. If you are interested DM me and I will send an invite.

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CO-OP is now fully upgraded, all members get full clan bonuses. Oil gained from NB is being ploughed into Bundles for the Clan as and when they become available. We currently have a few vacancies and if you are interested in a casual PVE/COOP/Ops/Asym centric clan whose only requirements are to play once every 30 days and to be respectful in battle then send me a DM in game and I'll send you an invite.

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