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The following review of Repulse, the tier VI premium British battleship, was sponsored by my patrons on Patreon who helped me afford this ship. To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed in this review are current as patch 0.10.11.  Please be aware that her performance may change in the future.

k58gZ5p.pngI've had my head down for over a month, working on a handful of projects (including, but not limited to tier VIII submarines, tier VI carriers and updating my databases).  However, even I've noticed the growing hype surrounding HMS Repulse and it's prompted me to throw this together.  There's good reason that Repulse is creating a lot of noise. 

I played the Hell out of her back earlier this year when she was in testing.  She was a monster then.  She's a monster now.  To be clear, Wargaming has nerfed her since I was testing her.  The following changes were made:

  • Her reload time was nerfed from 26 seconds to 27 seconds.
  • Engine Boost's speed increase dropped from 15% down to 10% down to 8% (from ~36.5 knots down to it's current ~34.3 knots when the consumable is active)
  • Her main battery rotation rate was buffed from 3.33º/s to 6º/s.

Having taken her out again (yes, I whaled all the way up to Marlborough for this review -- thank you, patrons!), this hasn't been enough to tone Repulse down.  And, as this review will detail, I'm expecting her to receive another round of nerfs once the population at large gets a hold of her.  For those tempted to throw money at guaranteeing getting a hold of her, this may be reason for caution.  No one wants a ship they spent time and money on to get nerfed out from under them.  So, let's get stuck in on why I see Repulse as being a potential problem vessel that Wargaming will have to reign in with future patches.

Quick Summary:  A soft-skinned battlecruiser (with surprisingly trollish durability) that has incredible speed and accuracy.


  • Long ranged with a 19.76km reach which can be further boosted with a Spotter Aircraft.
  • She uses Graf Spee (battlecruiser) dispersion combined with 2.0 sigma, giving her excellent accuracy.
  • Her 381mm guns can overmatch up to 26mm of armour with AP shells.
  • Her 381mm guns have 95mm of HE penetration.
  • Decent fire angles and good gun handling.
  • Fast reload at 27 seconds.
  • VERY fast with a top speed of 31.7 knots.
  • Has access to an Engine Boost consumable.
  • Her Repair Party queues up 60%/33% of penetration/citadel damage.


  • Soft skinned structurally, with only 16mm of extremity armour (!)
  • Thin belt of only 229mm.
  • Main battery is only six guns which makes RNG feel more punitive.
  • Only modest AP penetration and inability to overmatch 27mm+ hull sections.
  • Terrible anti-aircraft firepower.
  • Enormous turning circle radius of 860m.
  • Only three charges base on her Repair Party.


Skill Floor:  Simple / CASUAL / Challenging / Difficult
Skill Ceiling:  Low / Moderate / HIGH / Extreme

Repulse's appeal for new players is the simplicity of her main battery firepower.  Her guns are long ranged and accurate.  Her ammunition choices are simplified too, with newer players able to spam either AP or HE and generate reasonable results (though AP is preferred).  The two strikes against her for inexperienced players are her speed (which can get her into trouble with over-extending) and her soft protection scheme.  These will both spake people who like to play aggressively. However, a cautious player won't struggle overmuch with either one of these problems.

For veterans, Repulse is a kiting-daemon.  You have the speed.  You have the stealth.  You have the range.  You have the accuracy.  You have the overmatch.  Play keep away and farm damage like a boss.


Repulse's consumables stand out while the rest is fairly standard.



  • Her Damage Control Party doesn't have anything unusual about it and is normal for a British battleship.  It is active for 15 seconds and it has an 80 second reset timer.  It has unlimited charges.
  • It's her Repair Party which is unusual.  While it does heal up to the standard 14% of her starting HP over 28 seconds (with an 80 second reset timer), like other British battleship, it queues up to 60% of penetration damage received instead of the usual 50% for most other nations.  In addition, Repulse queues up to 33% of citadel damage too.  However, unlike most battleships, Repulse only starts with three charges instead of four.
  • We go back to normalcy with her Spotter Aircraft.  This increases her range by 20% (up to 23.71km) for 100 seconds.  It has a 240 second reset timer and it comes with four charges.
  • Finally, she gets access to a unique Engine Boost consumable.  This provides an 8% speed increase for 180 seconds with only a 90 second reset timer.  Repulse comes with three charges.



  • Start your upgrades with Main Armaments Modification 1.
  • Next up, if you can afford it you should definitely grab Engine Boost Modification 1 from the Armory for 17,000 Y35gE6B.png.  This increases the action time of your Engine Boost consumable from 180 seconds to a whopping 234 seconds. If you can't, default to Damage Control System Modification 1.
  • Aiming System Modification 1 is the only upgrade worth considering in slot three.
  • In slot four, you have the choice.  Because of her vulnerability to fires, Damage Control System Modification 1 is arguably optimal.  However, expert players may want to swap that out for Steering Gears Modification 1 to help with kiting at very long ranges.

Commander Skills

I wish I could tell you that it was worth having a unique commander for Repulse, if only to make things more interesting.  However, you really can't go wrong with a standard battleship build that you're going to use for the British battleship tech tree line.  It should look something like this:

You're not going to need Grease the Gears given Repulse's very fast turret traverse, so I suppose that's kinda nice. But given that you probably picked it up to help with some of the awful traverse rates found on the rest of the Royal Navy line, it's not the end of the world.  I much prefer Priority Target, but that's a personal bias.



Repulse comes with two camouflages, Type 10 and Snows and Stars.  These are cosmetic swaps of one another with the following stats:

  • -3% surface detection
  • +4% increased dispersion of enemy shells.
  • -10% to post-battle service costs.
  • +50% to experience gains.

Her basic Type 10 camouflage.  If this looks familiar, it's because the devs gave it to HMS Hood for some reason.

You can unlock this palette swap of her Type 10 camouflage by completing part of the "Naval Aviation" collection.

The Snow and Stars camouflage is pretty terrible.


Main Battery:  3x2 381mm/45 guns in an A-B-X superfiring configuration
Secondary Battery:  Fifteen 102mm/45 guns with nine in 3x3 turrets with a pair straddling the first funnel and the final one superfiring over X-turret and then six single guns with three to each side.


Let me get Repulse's secondaries out of the way first:  They're terrible.  She doesn't have enough of them, they're not accurate and they don't hit especially hard.  The only thing decent about them is their range.  Do not sink any upgrades, signals or skills into these things.  Moving on.

Repulse has some of the best, tier VI battleship main battery firepower.  Here's why:

  • Battlecruiser Dispersion + 2.0 sigma
  • Nearly 20km worth of range
  • 27 second reload
  • 381mm AP shells with 26mm overmatching
  • 95mm of HE penetration
  • Good gun fire angles with 6º/s gun rotation

But she only has six guns, Mouse, you might say.  And you're correct to be wary of small gun armaments on battleships.  Having only six guns means that Repulse has smaller alpha strike potential and lower DPM than her contemporaries (even with her faster reload time).  This spills over to her fire-chance as well, making her one of the worst at her tier.  One of the less appreciate drawbacks of smaller main battery armaments is that RNG feels more punitive with fewer guns.  When firing with larger broadsides, having a pair of shells scatter wide is annoying but less impactful than it is for Repulse where every shell counts. 

The quality of her individual hits is an issue too. 

Repulse does not boast the high-performance Royal Navy HE shells, but rather a chimaera that uses the more modest baseline stats from HMS Hood (lower damage, lower fire chance) yet maintains the 1/4 HE penetration from Queen Elizabeth (95mm of penetration instead of 64mm).  So her HE alpha strikes aren't terribly impressive and she's a poor fire starter.  Repulse's HE would be largely forgettable were it not for the issues with her AP rounds which will force you to still use HE on occasion.  Though the Royal Navy 381mm AP shells are capable of overmatching most targets up to tier VII, that doesn't quite reach the 27mm+ threshold found on many higher-tiered cruisers and battleships.  Additionally, their penetration values are only good at medium to close-range and they're largely incapble of dealing with battleship belt armour at distances in excess of 14km.  This complicates Repulse's gunnery if you're looking to maximize its efficiency, requiring that you aim more carefully, choose the correct ammunition and pick your targets.  Thus, when Repulse is top-tier on those smaller, claustrophobic maps, her guns (specifically her AP shells) are much more impressive.  When bottom tier, their efficiency falls away.

Yet conscious of these drawbacks, the only other guns at tier VI I'd rather have are the 406mm off West Virginia '41 and I only say that by the slimmest of margins.

Repulse's guns are hella-comfortable to use.  Aim well, and you'll hit what you shoot at.  Pick the correct ammo and aim at the right hull locations and you'll see consistent damage.  What's more, between the ship's gun handling, long range and high speed, these guns are excellent for over-the-shoulder kiting, taking steady bites out of your opponents.  Woe betide the cruiser that flashes broadside to Repulse up to (and including 20km) ranges.  She can (and will) punish careless players spectacularly.

Graphic dump time!

Here's the bad news.  In terms of raw numbers, Repulse's six guns just don't cut it, even with their faster reload.  This doesn't tell the whole story though.  You have to keep shell performance (penetration, overmatch) and accuracy in mind.  Andrea Doria is the only tier VI battleship using SAP on the right graph.

It's the same news when you look at her fire setting potential.  It's not great but her accuracy helps ensure she gets more hits than these raw numbers would otherwise indicate.

Royal Navy 381mm AP penetration obviously improves as you climb the tiers, but it's not exactly an impressive round when it comes to penetration.  You want well in excess of 350mm of penetration to contend with most battleship belts (allowing your rounds to defealt some angling).  Repulse doesn't have this until you get 14km or closer.

Compare Repulse's dispersion (blue, on the left) with Ise's dispersion (peach, on the right).  Both ships have 2.0 sigma.  Repulse's battlecruiser dispersion gives her a tighter overall dispersion area, making those central-landing shells pack in even closer.  Still, if you manage 25% accuracy in Fuso, you'd need to managed roughly 45% or better to keep pace with Repulse; which is a pretty tall order. The alternative is to get her guns in action for longer to compensate, and that relies on good positioning and survivability.

Very comfy fire angles paired with a very fast (for a battleship) gun traverse speed gives Repulse brilliant gun handling.

VERDICT:  Their excellent accuracy and overmatch potential makes them deadly.  Kite and kill.

Hit Points: 56,100
Bow & stern/superstructure/upper-hull/deck:  16mm / 16mm / 38mm / 26mm
Maximum Citadel Protection: 26mm anti-torpedo bulge + 229mm belt + 102mm citadel turtleback.
Torpedo Damage Reduction:  16%

I've removed Repulse's 26mm anti-torpedo bulges to reveal the 229mm belt armour underneath.  Note that normal tier VI battleships have 26mm extremities.

Repulse has ... issues.  I suppose it's kinda fluffy that a British battlecruiser has durability problems. In Repulse's case, this comes from two sources:

  1. Her extremities are VERY soft.
  2. Her citadel is vulnerable to overmatching from 380mm calibre guns or greater.

The 16mm bow and stern sections of Repulse's armour makes her vulnerable, not just to AP overmatch (which I'll get into) but all calibres of HE rounds as well.  Repulse's extremities and superstructure can be penetrated by HE rounds of 96mm or greater.   So not only is every destroyer out there very happy to make your acquaintance, even the small calibre secondary guns off a lot of battleships are capable of plinking some damage off your soft snoot and butt.  Combined with Repulse's horrid anti-torpedo protection, getting in close to enemy lolibotes is generally a terrible idea unless you're particularly good at blapping them with your main battery guns.  Note that this issue isn't unique to her.  Other tier VI and VII battleships may also contend with small calibre HE shells doing damage to them, but normally, the offending vessel must have the Inertial Fuse for HE Shells commander skill to do so.  So from an HE perspective, Repulse's extremities are a weakness but not a glaring one.

That actually carries through when you look deeper into her AP protection.  While her 16mm extremities look like huge weak points, there's hidden armour geometry that prevents these from becoming an automatic pass to her citadel.  To be clear:  Repulse still takes massive amounts of penetration damage through her butt or snoot, but it's not always going to be catastrophic citadel hits.  Repulse has a lot of these hidden armour plates, including a 76mm turtleback along the interior of her anti-torpedo protection and hidden decks.  While Repulse's citadel is still vulnerable, the slope of her turtleback is enough to prompt (though not guarantee) ricochet checks for shells fired at close range, giving her some rather trollish survivability at times. Hits from further out are a much greater danger in this regard, but thanks to her agility and speed, these are easier to avoid. Still, playing catch with large-gunned battleships is generally a bad idea in Repulse.  It's best to break contact or Just Dodge™ until you can disengage.   Though Repulse is capable of recovering up to 33% of citadel hits (be they from bomb, shell or torpedo), it's not something you want to fall back on.

It's not all doom and gloom here, though.  Extremities asside, Repulse's amidships hull cannot be overmatched.  If you can bait shots here while angled, she can ricochet and shatter stuff for days.  Similarly, while she may have fewer charges of her Repair Party, she still retains that Royal Navy 60% penetration damage queue, on top of that 33% citadel damage queue I mentioned before.  So clever play can help mitigate this damage, particularly if you fight at a distance to give yourself more time to avoid return fire.

The 25mm armour plate over Repulse's machine spaces and the 26mm citadel wall is a big weakness against 380mm+ AP rounds which can overmatch.

From gamemodels3d.com.  The arrow is pointing to the hidden 102mm v-shaped plate protecting Repulse from overmatching AP rounds.  This links up to the fore-end armour belt which is visible in port.

Repulse's effective hit point pool looks pretty average.  Her 60% penetration damage queue and 33% citadel damage queue does allow her to make better use of her Repair Party than the ships like Dunkerque through Mackensen.  Unfortunately, she's only working with four charges of her Repair Party which gives her less overall health than her hit points would otherwise suggest.

VERDICT: Bad, but not like "historical British battlecruiser" bad.

Top Speed: 31.7 knots
Turning Radius: 860 meters
Rudder Shift Time: 14.4 seconds
4/4 Engine Speed Rate of Turn: 4.3º/s at 23.7kts
Main Battery Traverse Rate:  6.0º/s

Repulse's turn radius is bad and her rudder shift time isn't good either, but thanks to being able to overtop 30 knots in a straight line, her rate of turn isn't horrid (but I wouldn't call it anything more than average).  Though she needs a lot of room to come about, she doesn't take forever to do it, so that's nice.  Better still, with her excellent turret traverse rates, she can't out-turn her guns which is a novelty for British battleships.

High speed solves a lot of issues, though it's not without its own set of troubles.

Repulse is made to kite and control the engagement distances.  Between her own high top speed and her Engine Boost consumable, she's more than capable of outrunning just about any threat she faces (or running it down for that matter).  Stack this onto her good main battery gun range, decent fire angles and her not-terrible concealment values and you would struggle to find a battleship better suited to dictating when she gets spotted by her opponents short of the smoke-on-demand Italian designs.  On paper, she is theoretically capable of playing keep-away to such a degree that she should be capable of mitigating any of the aforementioned durability issues raised earlier.  However, the reality is that her tier bites her in the butt.

As nice as Repulse's top speed is, lower-tiered maps are often too claustrophobic for her to make proper use of it defensively.  So while her offensive power shoots up when she's top tier, her defensive attribute granted by her speed is compromised to a degree.  This can be mitigated somewhat by choosing where to fight, ensuring you have enough open water to take full advantage of her speed, but this does limit some corridors through which she can fight and avoid damage.  This is much less of an issue on mid-to-high tier maps when facing against tier VII and VIII opponents.  This is, in of itself, a mixed blessing given the increase of larger calibre battleship guns at these tiers, to say nothing of the reduced efficiency of her own 381mm battery.

The final issue with her speed is that it's far too easy to over-extend in Repulse.  Though she's fast enough to disengage, she's also fast enough to be the first ship spotted if you're not careful.

Note that Novorossiysk is not included here.  I did not have her unlocked to confirm her in-port turning data when I made this graphic.  I have her now, but I'm not redoing this!

VERDICT:  I love her speed and I'll overlook her other agility woes because of it.

Anti-Aircraft Defence
Flak Bursts: 1 explosion for 980 damage per blast at 3.5km to 4km
Long Ranged (up to 4km):  28 dps at 75% accuracy (21 dps)
Medium Ranged (up to 2.5km): 140 dps at 75% accuracy (105 dps)
Short Ranged (up to 2.0km): 105 dps at 70% accuracy (73.5 dps)

I'm not going to dwell on Repulse's anti-aircraft firepower very long. It's awful; some of the worst at her tier.  All of her damage is focused around her 40mm pom poms and 20mm Oerlikon batteries which can only shoot when aircraft are on their final attack run.  Thus, they're best described as a "revenge weapons", where any damage you're doing is after already suffering from the CV's predations.  While this may end up netting you a kill or two against tier VI aircraft, Repulse stands no chance at dissuading the attentions of a tier VIII carrier.  You're never going to deplane a CV with Repulse unless they deliberately orbit around your ship for minutes at a time. 

Though, this said, it's not like any of the tier VI battleships are particularly fearsome when it comes to their AA defense.  Most are just practice targets for even mid-tier CVs.

Thus, Repulse has to stick with her allies to have any hope of keeping CV-safe.  This runs contrary to her preferred playstyle though -- where she takes up a flank and snipes.  This leaves her dangerously vulnerable to aircraft attack.  I suppose that's historically accurate and all but it makes for crappy game play whenever a CV is present and intent on ruining your day. 

VERDICT:  Terrible.  Just like the state of low-tier surface ship interaction with aircraft.

Repulse's AA is so crappy, I couldn't even shoot down this single Bf 109 that didn't even know how to raise its landing gear.

Vision Control
Base/Minimum Surface Detection: 14.4km / 12.57km
Base/Minimum Air Detection Range: 9.62km / 8.66km
Detection Range When Firing in Smoke: 13.19km
Maximum Firing Range:  Between 19.76 and 23.71km when using her Spotter Aircraft

Repulse pairs average visibility with excellent range.  Combined with her accuracy over distance and her great top speed, Repulse feels far stealthier than her visibility attributes would otherwise indicate.  It's only the presence of aircraft, submarines or aggressive destroyers that easily sniff her out.  While a quick scan of the enemy roster will give an indication of how effective Repulse's ability to control engagement distances, the size of the map matters a lot as well.  The ballistics of her guns do allow her to make use of island cover to a degree (though nowhere near as effectively as a cruiser might), these same islands can be her bane, concealing spotting elements and limiting her ability to kite effectively.  Open water is truly where her home is and being able to dictate the range between herself and her chosen target is her bread and butter.

VERDICT:  Unremarkable concealment but good enough to make use of her speed and range.

Anti-Submarine Warfare

ASW Armament Type:  Airstrike from 1.5km to 8km (plus bomb drop column)
Number of Salvos:  Up to two
Reload Time:  75 seconds
Aircraft:  Two S.25 Sunderlands with 2,000hp per plane.
Drop Pattern: 4 bombs each dropped evenly over roughly a 1.75km column
Maximum Bomb Damage:  3,000
Fire Chance: 12%

Nothing written here is going to last.  We've already received word that with patch 0.11.0, ASW is changing significantly.  I'm merely recording this for posterity  -- Repulse's anti-submarine airstrikes were pretty good.  Without knowing how the bomb blast radius is changing, I can't say for certain, but from the looks of the devblog, submarines are getting a whole lot more survivable against not only battleship airstrikes but gunnery as well. 

I'm taking you with me!

Final Evaluation

Repulse comes with a pretty hefty pricetag.  If you don't want to participate in any of the dockyard missions, you're looking at a minimum cost of 20,400 doubloons.  Alternatively, you can spend the dozens upon dozens of hours grinding to unlock her.  If you're already planning to spend a lot of time playing World of Warships this holiday season, you can probably unlock her for free.  Just be aware that this is a time commitment and any stages you're missing towards the Dockyard event's end will set you back 1,500 doubloons per.  Repulse has a nominal value of 6,800 doubloons (including a port slot) -- so if you're shelling out more than for five stages, it's not worth the dollarydoos.

Repulse is a great ship.  She carries on the trend Wargaming has had as of late to reduce the theoretical damage output.  In terms of balance, I think Wargaming's close, but I'm foreseeing this ship getting hit with the nerf hammer again before 2022 is out.  A 28 second or even as much as a 30 second reload may be in the cards for this ship.  It will depend how she fares in the wild in the hands of the community.  I could be totally off base here, with her speed and survivability creating a perfect storm to make her newfish-bait wherein she gets herself killed way too early (and often) to bring the average score down.  But it's hard for me not to see the potential here and worry.  For those of you on the fence about opening your wallets, I would strongly caution you to expect the ship to get her efficiency reduced in some way.

Instead of Repulse, I think the average player would do much better buying Warspite instead.  Warspite trades a little main battery performance and straight-line speed for a slightly larger broadside, better secondaries (they're so good you can do a full secondary spec if you want), better armour and hit point recovery, better fire management and much (much!) better agility.  Repulse goes fast and she snipes.  Warspite can also snipe, though nowhere near as far.  But she can brawl too.  She's the better ship for all kinds of PVE engagements too if that's your thing.  Repulse uptiers better, I'll give her that much, though the Grand Old Lady is no slouch.  You might think Hood a better comparison to Repulse, but tier for tier, Repulse is so much better than Hood that it's no-contest.

Here's the list of best to worst British battleship premium and reward ships in my opinion.

  1. Thunderer -- I'm biased.
  2. Warspite -- I'm very biased, but she's still amazing.
  3. Nelson -- ♪ Burn, baby, burn! ♫
  4. Agincourt -- Are they ever going to sell you again?
  5. Repulse -- Repulse only rates this low because three of the above ships aren't even available anymore cuz of their performance.  How bae-bote has dodged this bullet, I have no idea.
  6. Duke of York -- You're not terrible, but I hate what we had to lose to bring you into the game as you are now.
  7. Vanguard -- I hate your fire arcs, but you're better overall than Hood.
  8. Hood -- The CV rework butchered this ship.
  9. Dreadnought -- I want to rate you higher, but Wargaming has neglected low-tiers so badly that you're nothing but a bot-farmer.
  10. Marlborough -- Spoilers for my upcoming review!

I'm happy to have Repulse in my port, but I am a self-avowed teaboo, so be aware of my bias.  If you're a fan of historical British vessels, she's a must have and will serve you well.  For anyone else, she's a good ship.  Just be aware that her performance statistics aren't permanent.


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A question I have, is the Repulse and the Renown ship parameters switched? I mean did WG put the wrong name on the Repulse when it should have been Renown, and vice versa? IMO base on history and ship armor, the Renown was the better ship between the two because of more deck armor.

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4 minutes ago, Tpaktop2_1 NA said:

A question I have, is the Repulse and the Renown ship parameters switched? I mean did WG put the wrong name on the Repulse when it should have been Renown, and vice versa? IMO base on history and ship armor, the Renown was the better ship between the two because of more deck armor.

As far as I know, the ship name designations are correct.  But there's a couple of areas where confusion may arise among players:

Tech tree ships (like Renown at tier VI in the British battlecruiser line) do NOT represent a specific ship.  They instead can be any one of the ship from the same class, sometimes with fictionalized upgrades / modernizations they never received in reality.  Some battleship examples of this include (and are not limited to):

  • Kongo (tier V Japanese battleship) is actually represented in game by her sister-ship Hiei. 
  • Bismarck (tier VIII German battleship) has modernizations she never received in life, borrowing a lot from her sister-ship Tirpitz.
  • Iowa (tier IX American battleship) is USS Winconsin, another sister-ship swapperoo.

Though I haven't looked too closely, I would not at all be surprised if the tech-tree Renown was a confusing amalgam of her and her sister-ship.

Wargaming doesn't care about history.  Seriously, it's just there to sell the product.  Historical performance can sometimes inform game play decisions, but that's the exception.  Time and again, Wargaming have come up with some game play concept and then shoe-horned a ship with famous historical performance into doing something it has no business doing.  For example:  West Virginia '44, based a battleship historically famous for it's super-accurate, long-range gunnery ... is a brawler in World of Warships.  There are tons of other examples.

This kind of disparity is increasingly common as the game gets older.  Wargaming does not want ships (especially premium ships) to feel too "samey", so they look to differentiate them in extreme ways  Though they've only ever paid lip-service to historical performance in the past, there was some areas of consistency before, like armour, gun performance, top speeds, etc.  This has since gone out the window.  Your 127mm guns can have the ballistic performance of a heavy cruiser.  Your top speed is whatever they feel like.  Your historical armour values can be shaved away to conform to conform to tiering-norms. 

This goes doubly so for tech tree ships -- being an amalgam of different vessels gives them even more leeway to do whatever they feel like to fit them into the game and make them interesting to play.

History, so very often, just gets in the way.

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On 9/22/2023 at 12:39 PM, LittleWhiteMouse said:

Wargaming does not want ships (especially premium ships) to feel too "samey"

That's really too bad cause I always liked to have a premium ship with the same style play as it's tech tree counter part just better, guess those days are done.

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Excelent as always LWM. 
Is a pleasure to read you again. For us, the Latinamericans, the armor is particularly intresting becasue is the same belt as the Latorre. Probably the tier V in a future battleship line.

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