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Amazon Prime Gaming Drop - Anniversary Edition


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  • 3 tactical special containers = 3 days of premium account time
  • 3 supercontainers
  • 3 more economic rewards containers
  • 8K free XP

Overall I would rate this drop a 5/10. 3 days of premium account can be "extended" to 6, if you open the boxes strategically (say at 8PM so you get today's evening session and most of tomorrow's). Obviously less marginal benefit for those with massive amounts of PT banked in.

The rest is little to no value. Going by the maxim "scarcity determines value", the proliferation of SCs just means a more appropriate name should be "mediocre/subpar" containers, especially with the contents nerfed earlier this year. 

If anyone is considering signing up for Amazon Prime free trial, I recommend holding off for a better reward (tier 5 premium ship, worth at least 3000 doubloons). 

At least this one easily beats the infamous Tier 5 Konig drop, that was an insult (0/10).


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At least last month had the Genova...which is a bad meme ship at tier 5...

Torpedo reloads below 40 seconds on a cruiser? Not something the seals really understand.

Though, the 75,000 free captain experience was a nice drop from one of the super containers this time. A little drip of value occasionally.

Please sir, can I have some more?


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