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Mark site read under Unread Content

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This is more a question which might lead to a suggestion.

I've noticed that when I click the 'Mark site read' button and then go back to the top page (i.e. https://www.devstrike.net/ ) once in a while (not often) I'll see a post in the Posts sidebar which wasn't in the list of unread content I'd just looked at. Obviously this is a post that was just made a few seconds earlier.

The thing is ... it seems that that post has also been marked as read.

So the question: Does the Mark site read button actually mark everything that is on devstrike as read, or just the stuff that is currently showing in my Unread Content?

If it's the former ... is it possible to get a button which just marks the stuff currently listed in Unread Content as marked and doesn't do the entire site?

I know it doesn't happen often, but there have been cases where I stumble on a post that I would have responded to had I seen it, and that's the only explanation I can think of for having missed it. Of course it could be me doing brain fog, but I'm hoping that's not the case.

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2 hours ago, SunkCostFallacy said:

Does the Mark site read button actually mark everything

When you click on it, it says: "Are you sure you want to mark all content in the community as read?" So everything will be marked as read. It's a fairly pointless button for most, but part of the basic hosting package. We will get around to adding our own functions later, such as  for the purpose you requested. In fact, I'll add that to the to-do  list.

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