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Interesting choice of black ships:  Black, Smolensk, Iwami, Lazo, Repulse, and Brandenburg.

Gunnar of the Dungeon should be Gunnar of the Maze/Labyrinth.

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The "Heroes of Might & Magic" collaboration appeared in my Armory, this morning.

Essentially it's a game within the game, to move on a board of tiles and reveal treasures on each tile.
A player gets three "Crystals" initially.
A player can make a move to a square and is presented with the option to gain the treasure(s) found on that square in exchange for 1 "crystal".

There's a "buyout" option for a large sum of doubloons.  And crystals can be purchased in exchange for doubloons.
Basically, one cannot progress unless one is willing to use crystals, and more crystals will cost doubloons.
So, this is a "doubloon sink". 
But, there are six Heroes of Might & Magic Commanders which can be discovered.

Personally, I wanted to collect the six Commanders and I spent about 10k doubloons for enough crystals to play enough game-board tiles to get them.
Each Commander has 10 skill points. 
So, six multiplied by 1,500 doubloons = 9,000 doubloons. 
Which compares reasonably for the usual cost of six 10-point Dasha Perova commanders of a given nation.
I figure I did okay, considering the collaboration content commanders have unique voice-overs and are available only for a limited time.

To be fair, I also got CXP and some days of premium account time from some of the tiles that didn't have a Commander. 
So, again, I figure I did okay.

As the saying goes, "your mileage may vary".  🙂 

Heroes of Might and Magic III in World of Warships


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