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Bayardoo, Bayardoo, where are you?


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3 hours ago, Daniel_Allan_Clark said:

Most people won't get a Bayard. That's really only available to veteran players.

Mmmm......that's a good point. Still...  I would rather say not everyone will get her, but most. Hey, I didn't get a Mackarrow either.


19 minutes ago, invicta2012 said:

Available to buy, though. And really quite jolly, although probably not as good as Mainz or Harbin.


I had her for quite some time now, tho entirely free. I mean the dubs needed, got it for free. Ranked+ some (old) Sc's. But I wold disagree about the Harbin. That thing is a pain in the arse...


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6 hours ago, Andrewbassg said:


So wazz you gonna get for her?

I got the Irian,




I had a hunch that she would not disappoint,  i'm a big fan of the Sverdlovs. And yes  🙂


 Remains to be seen if she performs just as well in PvP too. ( Mainz is my go to for T8 ranked) 


I welcomed the Bayard to my Port.



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