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Had an interesting solo warrior moment today.  There were two of us vs four of them.  I managed to get a salvo off microseconds (no kidding, less than a second) before being obliterated.  My salvo killed the target (i.e., It's just a flesh wound).  Teammate runs away to win the game, ending with his survival vs three enemy ships.  

At first I thought too bad I had to kill the fourth ship and him miss out on solo warrior.  But then I noticed he got the award.  And it makes sense.  Although I killed the fourth ship putting him in a 1 vs 3, I did so after I perished.  The moment I died it was four on one, which is the trigger conditoin for solo warrior.

Anedotally, we needed the kill ot secure enough points for the win.   So in a roundabout way, the win was indeed decided wihin microseconds.  On top of that, the time out win was decided by a second or two on the score count. 

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