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Mendez Nunez Torpedoes


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Picture shows where the torps should be. Why did they take this sleek relatively modern warship at Tier 2. It defies logic. It has good guns, good speed, good AA and is supposed to have torps. Then they take a WW1 DD like Jaeger and gimmick it up to tier 9, or a 1939 light cruiser like Tromp, which should be a T5 cruiser and gimmick it up to Tier 10 DD. Sometimes I think WG has lost thier collective minds. 

World of Warships 9_18_2023 2_49_27 PM.png

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Completely agree, she'd have made a great Tier V cruiser, but they made an initial mistake with the choice of Tier II and then gutted the ship when it turned out to be *much* too strong in testing. I hope they return to the idea at some point in the future and fix their mistake. 

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