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After Brawls Match Mode Switches To Randoms


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I've noticed that in the last few days my game will automatically switch to Randoms after Brawls. It's really irritating when I don't have the time to play Randoms. Is anyone else seeing this?

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I don't often go to WeeGee's Discord but I did to check and report this bug. While in several games I asked if anyone else having the same issue and usually got two or three who responded in the affirmative. It's rather annoying, lol.

EDIT: I also created a ticket with support.

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it also happens with Ranked when it is finished. kinda a pain as sometimes you forget the ranked is closed, pick another ship and then "nek minute"... your in a random game.

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I played a few brawls mode games and noticed the glitch/switch happening on several occasions.

Since I'm trying to knock the purple snowflakes off of my ships, I decided to give the glitchy brawls mode a break for a while.

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