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Weekend Spree - 15-17 September 2023

Ensign Cthulhu

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It's anniversary snowflake time!

Finished working my way through the Tier 10s and 9s, cleared out quite a lot of the 8s (21 to go). 

So far, between Twitch mission supercontainers and the Anniversary ones, I've picked up about 4000 dubs and a month of premium time plus a premium ship (Siliwangi) from one of the Twitch SCs. The rest of the prizes over the weekend amount to three T6 perma econ bonuses, two T7 and one T8; the Zieten permaskin; the Duplicate coupon for the Bayard (I chose the Irian); and a fair swath of ECXP, FXP and coal as well as innumerable flags and green (and occasional blue) econ bonuses. 


Ran into various familiar faces, some of whom are on these forums and others not. 

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Gosh, I've got a lot of ships !  I've 24 ships left to clear.  And, a crap load of super containers.  A LOT of coal.  One, seven day PT.  2,000 in dubs.  3,000 in steel and the rest were SBs/flags.

Picked up the Rochester and the Hampshire.   Played a lot of RO's.  And, that about it.....

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I played enough ships with the purple snowflakes to welcome the Bayard to my Port.

I did a bit of creative writing.

Finished and began some anime' series on an anime' website.

While working my Uber gig, I had a rider whose day-job was a contract lawyer and also did Uber driving in his spare time.  But, that night he was out for a meal and some drinks, so I was glad we had a win/win encounter and shared some good conversation.  
During another trip, I picked-up some Alumni who were attending an Alumni weekend event at a local college and answered some questions they had about driving in general and the tractor-trailer driving I did in the past.
Meeting people and enriching each other's lives with our stories & experiences is one of the aspects I enjoy about the job.  🙂 

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