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Hindenburg - Still Relevant in CB?


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It's okay since I am loving the Des with the Unique Upgrade. This mod changes the personality of the Des. 

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Was going to say yes; but I didn't see the 'in CB' part at first.

It is for me; but I don't do CB.

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Viable? I’d probably say yes. That “off flank/push deterring” play style always needs to be filled by something, and that’s what Hindy does well. And in seasons where you have lots of Stalingrad/Moskva heavy comps, the 50 mm HE pen is an effective counter to Iron Curtain Push teams.


However, relevant would probably be a no. Gone are the days of Battleship Hindy where it could deal with incoming fire. And fires are much more of a threat to Russian cruisers than they were pre-skill rework, when you needed that 50 mm pen.

Plus, DPS is about all it does. It can’t provide any utility for the team, and it doesn’t even do damage farming as well as the competition now. There are other ships that you can put in that same position that are better.

Nevsky has radar, very fast shells, and strong AP for a light cruiser. Venezia doesn’t have radar but will punch a destroyer’s face in with its main battery SAP and chew up enemy cruisers. Napoli has great durability for a cruiser and the SAP secondaries to discourage pushing into it. San Martin has radar, good AP for cruiser killing, and the funny button/superheal/radar combo that makes it nearly unkillable with “constant” radar and heal. And if you really wanted to, Goliath also covers the 50 mm pen need, with the superheal to make it hard to kill.

About the only thing Hindy still has going for it is the combination of range and 50 mm pen (since one of Goliath’s bigger downsides is the shorter range). It works if you want a cruiser for the off flank, but there are several others that are just better picks. 

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No, not really

Hinden lack the utility other off flanker cruiser like Nevsky or Brisbane have in especially zoning out DD, meaning that it constantly get zoned out and lose map control and caps due to spotting pressure, which is pretty big because off flank in comp is usually the side with 2 cap, if you lose both cap on that side of the map it is incredibly hard to win

It lack the raw alpha strike of some ship like Ven to better exploit the short spotting windows of radars like Petro and DD radar

It no longer have the best armour scheme and get really dicked by 30mm ovm, especially since it not the most maneuverable

It don't have modular roles like Napoli, it can't transition from kite to push as easily, it is not a good pushing ship with 1/2 its gunpower only at the front and not the best forward angle or armour

It don't have the raw speed to make fast pushes like Marseille or even Henri

Its poor (and actually nerfed from normal 203) AP pen give it smaller crossfire potential over ship like Moskva/Napoli/Stalin/Petro which are alt options for off flank holding

There is just better ship for off flank, even ship that can perform both off flank-esque/pushing role


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