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Update 12.8 errors/issues announcement


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From discord:



bloodminister [EU]


With the release of update 12.8 we identified the following issues and doing our best to resolve them as soon as possible:

- Some players not receiving Cruiser Clash 10% Coupons Battlepass Coupons and Rewards
- Some players not receiving Bayard 100% Coupons and Steel compensation

We also have the following topics that we want to inform you about:

- Battlepass Daily Missions - In Update 12.8, we will be testing different variations of Battle Pass progress. This means the rewards will stay the same but the ways to progress are different
- Only 1 operation currently available - We wanted to alert you that due to technical issues selectable Operations while in a Division are currently disabled except "Defense of Naval Station Newport"
- Commander from 8th Anniversary Youtube video - Some players who activated bonus code and received the wrong commander, the correct one will be provided to their accounts within next few days

Thank you for your understanding.


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A small update:



Hello Commanders!

Great news! We applied a fix to Operations and all Scenarios should now be available in all regions.

NOTE: Selectable Operations are still disabled for the time being, but Operations as a whole have returned (as opposed to only having Newport available for a time).

We appreciate your patience in this matter!


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