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Parrallel Universe random draw


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So my first pull in the random draw was a "super" container for 150 dubs.  In years past that would've been a no-brainer but now I feel like I'm being ripped off (I haven't had anything decent since the rework).  Just a little rant. 

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It's not great, but I wouldn't call it a ripoff, either. Imagine you did this 100 times: "pity ship drop" aside, you'd spend 15,000 dubs for an expected value of:

  • 1 premium ship, probably Tier 5-7, for maybe 5000 dubs of average value, depending on how much you've drained that pool
  • a little over 1 month's worth of premium time, roughly 2500 dubs if you buy it like that
  • 4000 dubs
  • 75,000 coal (plus clan bonus)
  • 1500 flags
  • 700 green boosters
  • 100 blue boosters
  • a little bit of steel and RB points

Basically, that's 3500 dubs for the coal, flags, eco boosters and RP/steel. The coal alone would be like buying a F. Sherman for the doubloon price of a Fenyang, more or less.  That's not bad imho.

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