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Uhh oh Cossack is such a fun ship!!


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I got her from a cat commander crate and man.......she is a beast in ops!! I'm cruiser main and didnt played dd's apart from some Shima

( I know I know 😛) in special modes (and the line in ops) buut..... oh dear..... Running Dunkirk with a PVE skill set.... 




Just a TON of fun!!




Well ...except ofc when one gets "teammates" who never heard about






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Yeah, Cossack's a wonderful thug.  I love her and her Canadian cousin, Haida, to bits.  It's a shame Huron didn't get the same treatment.  Oh well!

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WG significantly buffed Cossack about halfway through the set of missions that were her release event. An OK-ish ship became highly desirable. Anyone who played all the way through it got to have her for a US dollar. She is hilariously, stupidly fun. 

4 hours ago, Andrewbassg said:

Well ...except ofc when one gets "teammates" who never heard about



The inability of some people to cope with the demands of a scripted operation, let alone a 12 v 12 with no global team comms, is dismaying.


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