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I don't mind stuff like this.  I performed poorly because I forgot Sherman had hydro...ooops.  A mistake you pay for dearly...and quickly at T10.  That said, despite my quick demise, I still finished 4 up from bottom, which means three other T10 really potatoed. 

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On 9/10/2023 at 4:17 PM, Col_NASTY said:

Patiently waiting to see if SoshiSone is going to upload that GORGEOUS Avatar of his to the new forum.🥰



I'm working on it:



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53 minutes ago, SoshiSone said:

I'm working on it:



Thanks for the VID...  I'm going to take a minute to watch it....  Yeah that's it .. I'll just be a minute...  

Yeah.. She's at work so .. yeah.. Just gonna be a minute.. or 60😉

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