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Countering Submarines 101 (ArIskandir)


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(Note: Copy and courtesy of a post by Arlskandir)

I'm annoyed when reading the common misconception about BBs being the best counter against Submarines and DDs being ineffective. This is plain wrong.

In order to dissipate this false idea, I'll use the following:



  • First concept: Submarines are countered through concealment management. In order to counter the Submarine, you need the right tool... a DD with enough concealment to contest with the Submarine's surface detection.
  • Second concept: The first step to counter Submarines is to spot them. A spotted Submarine is in clear and present danger. Your job is to spot the Submarine, not to deliver damage; let that task to your team. DO NOT SHOOT the Submarine, and you will deliver meaningless damage in return for losing your concealment advantage and remaining spotted when the Sub goes to periscope. Seriously, don't shoot the friggin' Sub.
  • The third concept is attrition: By recurrent spotting, you tax the Submarine dive time and HP. Each time the Sub gets spotted, it will ensure damage and will be forced to burn dive time. Over time, the Submarine will become weaker and vulnerable.
  • Fourth concept: Once the Submarine has been weakened and her support has been dealt with, then and only then is the moment to consider rushing the Submarine for a DC attack.
  • Fifth concept: Never rush the Submarine head-on; you'll end up shotgunned. Use an oblique approach, and avoid the Sub's "nose"... if it is pointing at you, you must break the attack and reposition. 

In this example, I am very careless in my approach to the Submarine. I do this because, at this point, I have absolute vision control of the situation, and I am confident based on the potato performance shown by the Submarine. 

(Note: I-56 is horrible, horrible. It is sad when your Submarine can be so easily shut down by 2/3 of the DDs she meets.)

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@Wolfswetpaws,yeah, that was a copy/paste from the original.  I've found that the I-56 can put a lot of hurt on the red ships - actually, the only sub I will play.

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13 minutes ago, HogHammer said:

@Wolfswetpaws,yeah, that was a copy/paste from the original.  I've found that the I-56 can put a lot of hurt on the red ships - actually, the only sub I will play.

The I-56 is more of an "anti-capital ship" Submarine (CV's and BB's).
She struggles against nimble opponents with a small detection radius.

If allowed to play to her strengths, her "dumb-fire" torpedo warheads can pack a punch.
Sinking an opponent with her deck-gun is amusing.  

Figuring out how to sail my I-56 effectively in the "Convoy Mode" temporary event was interesting, for me.  
Meanwhile, I'm using the premium status of the I-56 to train Commander ARP Iona.

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