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Well I Got KB Split


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Well I got that thorn in my side  Kraljevski brod Split today been holding off for while but I thought might as well get it now.


I cant remember who this commander is, vaguely remember getting him from a mission, anyway because he was a 6 point commander I would use first game in Coop I had my headphones off but could still hear this weird sounds coming from them so I put them on only hear this guy yapping in a foreign language , thought to myself what in the hell is going on.


I was wondering if the voice overs were playing up went into settings but everything seemed OK so I played another ship the voice over was in English, so it must just a special case for this guy, i was going to change him for another Captain but I thought to hell with it just sounds funny when your under attack and a spread of torpedoes is heading for you and you don't understand what the hell he's saying.


But I digress

The Split a 1958  upgraded / designed I posted  " a long time ago in a Galaxy far far away " about having this Yugoslav DD in game however I had hopped that it would be the 1941 version,  Cough Cough WG thought it would be fun Cough Cough to have the 1958 version with RADAR !!!!!!!! there is enough bloody radar on cruisers these days as well as the odd gimmicky radar set sitting on the odd BB, and now we have DDs running around with radar, its not fun in your 1 trick pony 1937 Asahio trying to fight these radar DDs.


I have no issue duelling with " Gunboat " dds in my Asahio I'll go down swinging against them as at least they have get close at some stage to me, but being spotted by a radar by another DD then hunted down, " that's  just not sporting " in my book.


Anyways I got the ship because of the nation not the radar by the way.          

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Murat Serezli is a Turkish actor who has made a Collab deal with WG in the form of a commander.

This is basically still Split 1941 had she been completed in early 1940s according to the original blueprints, and you cannot even find one single set of radar antennae aboard. Wargaming is merely stating historical facts about this ship though these facts have basically nothing to do with how she performs in game.

For me it's better to make a hypothetical Split 1946: between the liberation of Yugoslavia and the Yugo-Soviet split when Czechoslovakian Skoda guns were still available and add some radar antennae on a modifed mast.

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