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How do the numbers look?


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....if you/admin/mods care to tell us?

Now the forum has been up and running for several weeks and even longe since the ousting from our original WG-forum how many are we on this platform at this time? Perhaps also, how are we divided in respect to server-clusters, NA/EU/ASIA etc.? Stuff like that.

Is that something you're willing to provide or do the staff/admin/mods/_W_ consider that need-to-know info?

Lastly; not sure this is in the right place, feel free to bulldoze it onto its right place if need be.

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I'll see what the team thinks about a release date, because I'm sure they're pro release. I think a good moment would be when we're 1 month old, officially. That's like in twelve days, I believe? 😉



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