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Quick reference guidelines on ASW (Arlskandir)


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(Note: Copy and courtesy of a post by Arlskandir)

This is a quick and very broad-stroke guide on how to approach ASW interactions on different ship types. It is not intended as a thorough description of each interaction but as a guideline on the general way to set up your stance. 

Destroyers with good Concealment: Good concealment is such that lets you rival the concealment of the opposing Submarine, it can be lower, similar, or a bit above the Sub's value but the key consideration is it will allow face spotting the Submarine before it submerges out of sight. For this type of Destroyer, the focus lies on spotting the Submarine, not delivering direct damage unless you have a clear way. Shoot the Submarine only if it is to your advantage. Remember after shooting you'll suffer from gun bloom and the Submarine will be able to keep you spotted from periscope depth and you'll be open to retaliation from enemy units. Spot the Submarine, save your HP, and let your teammates with Airstrikes do the damage dealing. If the Sub remains alive later in the match, you'll have a much better chance to sink it with depth charges when it is unsupported. 

Destroyers with bad Concealment/Gunboats: You can't force detection on the Sub, your best option is to keep your distance to 5-7 km and bait the Sub into pinging you. Shoot at the ping location marker (or on the predicted location) each time the Subs ping you, eventually, you'll get random hits on the Subs. The hits may cause oil spills that provide you  (and your team) a more precise aiming point. Hits will force the Sub to DCP, after the Sub is forced to burn 1 or 2 DCPs (which are limited and extremely valuable for a Sub) it will be motivated to reconsider its life choices and very likely avoid pinging you anymore, so you'll have free rein to play at your leisure and do gunboat stuff. Bait the pings, shoot the marker, and force DCP on the Sub. If the Sub remains alive later in the match, you'll have a much better chance to sink it with depth charges when it is unsupported.

CLs without Airstrike: Submarines are extremely dangerous for you as you neither can tank the torps, nor reliably dodge them without using DCP. The Submarine can also keep you perma spotted which is bad. Forget about doing any active ASW duty until the Sub is isolated and unsupported, even then it is not a good idea but more an act of desperation... You can and will be shotgunned by able Sub players. In general terms your interactions are limited to using your detection consumables to get lucky spots on the Sub and let your Airstrike buddies do the damage, else you can up to some degree use the Gunboat strategy and shoot the ping markers. Just remember your DCP takes longer to reload and you are clumsier and easier to hit, so you'll be at a greater risk than a DD. Use Radar/Hydro to spot the Sub, shoot the ping markers, and do not try to use your depth charges unless you are forced to do it... Don't fly into the light!

CAs with Airtrike and Hydro: You can be a surprisingly effective ASW unit against isolated and unsupported Submarines, particularly those with limited dive time. Your ideal engagement range is between 4-5 km from the Sub so your hydro can force the Sub to dive and exhaust its dive time. Your objective is to cause attrition to the SUb, not outright kill him. Closing the distances to assured hydro detection range (under 2km) is not recommended unless you have an advantageous angle on the Sub and you keep your position away from its torpedo tubes (for example behind a U-2501). If you detect the Sub, stagger your Airstrikes. The idea is to force a DCP with the first strike and then cause a DoT effect with the following attack. DoT is deadly to Submarines. Use Hydro to force the Submarine to submerge, and use your Airstrikes to force attrition on the Submarine. Do not close the distance unless your angle is safe and favorable.

Battleships: You can't force detection on Submarines (unless they screw up). You are support, you drop your fancy Airstrike on any spotted Submarine in range. As long as you have teammates screening you and able to spot the Sub for you, you'll be reasonably safe. Stay mobile, don't camp, and be ready to support your spotters with on-time Airstrikes, that's your role. If you are left without screens and unsupported, don't be afraid of running away. If you are forced to run away, try to keep a straight line directly away from the Sub... the Sub will be forced to chase straight after you in order to keep engaging you. This makes its position much more predictable and you can actually blind drop their pings to good effect. Be attentive to deliver your Airstrike on any spotted Submarine, if isolated then run away. 

That'll be all for now. 

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