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Ahskance's "Lesson Compendium" - Explaining AA (Anti-Aircraft System)


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(Note:  With permission, credit, and thanks, here are Ahskance's links to video lessons from his YouTube channel.)

Lessons: Explaining AA - Does AA Work? (Basic Concept)

Lessons: Explaining AA - Continuous Damage

Lessons: What is Hit Probability? (Continuous Damage)

Lessons: California Continuous AA - Long Form Discussion

Lessons: Explaining AA - Priority Sector

Lessons: Explaining AA - When to Use Priority Sector?

Lessons: Please Use Priority Sector

Lessons: PSA - Expert AA Marksmen Causes 175% AA on Cruisers

Lessons: Explaining AA - Flak

Lessons: Flak "Hit Rate" Explained

Lessons: Flak Damage Distribution

Lessons: How to Dodge Flak

Lessons: "The Flak Wall-tz" - Flak Timing

Lessons: In-Game Flak Description and Brief Demonstration of Avoidance

Lessons: Visual Example of Flak and Flak Avoidance Concepts Discussed

Lessons: Recalled Planes Can Eat Flak

Lesson: 0.10.1 Flak Change Explanation

Lessons: Explaining AA - Multiplication (Upgrades/Skills/Consumables)

Lessons: Multiplicative AA (In-Port Test)

Lessons: Does AA Spec'ing Matter? Full-Form Explanation

Lessons: Explaining AA - AA Damage Application

Lessons: What Breaks Modules?

Lessons: How Much AA Can You Break?

Lessons: Explaining AA - Slingshotting (Offensive [Removed])

Lessons: Explaining AA - Slingshotting (Defensive)

Lessons: Explaining AA - Slingshotting (Indomitable)

Lessons: When Should You Predrop?

Lessons: Do Plane Losses Matter? Full-Form Explanation

Lessons: How Many Planes Does a CV Actually Have?

Lessons: AA Damage Question from Chat

Lessons: How Did Gaishu have a 550k Game in a Reworked CV?

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