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Ahskance's "Lesson Compendium" - CV Attacking Style by Nation/Premium


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(Note:  With permission, credit, and thanks, here are Ahskance's links to video lessons from his YouTube channel.)

Lessons: CVs Have Different Strengths

Lessons: CV Plane Movement by Nation

Lessons: What is Skip Animation?

Lessons: Should I Skip the Attack Animation?

Lessons: When Do I Use [Weapon]?

Lessons: What is the Best Weapon Against DDs Now?

Lessons: What is Sight Stabilization?

Lessons: What Nations/Carriers Use Sight Stabilization?

Lessons: What is a Hard Cut? (Theory)

Lessons: Combat Turning/"Hard Cut" (Practical)

Lesson: How to Lead Torpedo Drops

Lessons: Torpedo Drop Aiming via Lined Shot

Lessons: "Curling Torpedoes" - Demonstration of Different Nation Torp Turning Capabilities

Lessons: When to Use Heal (On Your Planes)

Lessons: What AP Bombs "See" on Battleships

Lessons: Drop Concepts - Reducing AP Bomb Penetration

Lessons: Bomb Drop Height Doesn't Affect Accuracy

Lessons: Midway - Rocket Training Room

Lessons: Tiny Tim vs HVAR (on the Lexington)

Lessons: Aiming US HE Bombs (Theory)

Lessons: Aiming US HE Bombs (Practical)

Lessons: Japanese Rocket Plane Attack Movement

Lessons: Hakuryu - Rocket Training Room

Lessons: Hakuryu Rockets vs Secret Agent Shimakaze (left AA on)

Lesson: Japanese AP Bombing Angles

Lessons: Aiming Japanese AP Bombs (Practical)

Lessons: Best Way to Use British Bombs

Lessons: Aiming/Curling British Carpet Bombs (Practical)

Lessons: Teaching German CV Armaments and Execution - Long Form Explanation

Lesson: Aiming German AP Rockets (Curling)

Lesson: Aiming German AP Rockets (Practical)

Lesson: Aiming German AP Rockets (Theory)

Lessons: AP Rockets vs DDs - Broadside/Angled

Lessons: AP Rockets used at Ricochet Angles

Lessons: Rhein AP Rocket Reticle Placement

Lesson: German AP Bombing Angles

Lessons: CV Sniping with Parseval Bombers? (Theory)

Lessons: CV Sniping with Parseval Bombers? (Practical) w/ Post Discussion

Lesson: FDR Playstyle vs Other Tier 10 CVs

Lessons: Why Bombs First on the Indomitable?

Lessons: Curling the Indomitable Bombs (Theory)

Lessons: When to Pre-Drop with the Indomitable

Lessons: Curling the Indomitable Bombs (Practical)

Lessons: Skip Bomb Aiming Line Explanation

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