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Your own worst enemy


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Had a game won today.  DD just had to run away.  But no.....just couldn't resist playing with a BB.  Blap...game lost.

I won't name and shame, but i did look 'em up.  They have 3800 games.  About a 49% WR.  But here's the kicker.  They have never received a Solo Warrior.  

I was pissed we lost the game.  But I wonder if the DD captain realized they had a Solo Warrior in the bag and not only gave up the win but lost the Solo Warrior.

Oh well, some players are their own worst enemy.  Press on.

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Sometimes it's yourself being the worst enemy. Example:

I should have turned away and maybe we could have won. But I thought I could have gotten him. BTW, what tier was the match OP?

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