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Tier 4 IJN Battleship Myogi Review


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Well last night I logged in wondering what I was going to do ( obviously play the game ) since I have finished the Dockyard it was then I notice the " Dragon Boat event " but that's got 13 days so I will start but not get to wrapped in it.


Finished playing some Subs ( a favourite ship type in the community )and was scrolling through the ships looking here and there stopped at IJN Myogi, first thing that struck me it had no Camo even in Port I like the ships looking good so threw one on I then had the sudden urge to play the ship, always liked the ship very underrated I feel. 


So first game I went into Coop and had blast, good to see so many people playing low Tiers this past 2 weeks,the event WG put was refreshing wish they did more but that's for another post.





Myogi guns are crazy, fired at almost broadside Cruiser with the forward Turret one shell splashed along side the ship while the other sailed completely over it,Hmm RNG and dispersion gotta love it.

The ships gun configuration was one of a number of reasons she won me over coupled with her speed, she is the fastest Tier 4 BB only SMS Moltke and HMS Queen Mary can match her just about the rest sit between 20 to 23 knots so what she cant outgun she can out run, not that the maps you play on are big but they have plenty of Islands to duck around and get yourself organised.

The ships gun configuration whether deliberate or unintentional could be looked at like the German K and N class Cruisers which were by design commerce raiders though they never got there chance, attack convoys and if the enemy showed up do a 90 degree turn and get the hell out of there firing the bulk of your Main guns as you retreat.

Myogi has that same option, if Myogi had a second forward turret I might be inclined to try to angle for more less full firing option which I do in Coop but in random not so.

AA did well of course Tier 4 CV planes are not the fasted but hey all things considered 4 planes shot down not bad.

So after fun in Coop I why not have game in random ARGH


OK its low tier and its late 



waiting waiting



More waiting



Mother of all wait times WG 


You don't mind throwing 50 BOTS in games Tier 5 and up in a blink of an eye when you need to those game figures up for the shareholders etc etc and whatever other figures will make the books look good, fix the bloody Low Tiers up as well.


Finally got in and ended up with one real opponent the rest BOTS which once they spotted me decided to be like swarm of Bees and chased me round the map while my opponent sat back, the BOTS got me I ran out space and we still could have won had my BOTS on the opposite side not left the enemy cap on 3 separate occasions one with only 5 seconds to go.




The ship can take damage, 9 torpedoes plus shells to send me to the bottom,so she's solid as was hit by 4 x 2 torpedo spreads each time the last one I dodged or it might have been 10. 

The next game had more players on each side which makes it more entertaining









The last game I played in her for the night I quickly glanced down the team roster to see how many humans were in game and found this was the most, its was about a minute later as Red Texas started coming into view that it suddenly struck me what's going on here then a Red Tiger appeared and I thought what the hell so I rechecked the team board and found I was in a Tier 5 match, thought to myself I'm toast and started to back track as both red BB's began firing and then I decided this was the time to put those aft turrets to good use.

While the BOTS did there usual death charge the real battle was close I didn't even realise we had GC as still didn't fully check every single ship type, the GC won the game for us but it could have went either, not much in it until the last moments.




What I believe good about this ship is if your keen to train Captains is you don't have to worry about facing ships 2 Tiers higher sure you may end up in a Tier 5 match which is OK, IJN Kongo is probably a better trainer but will end up against Tier 7's.


Its been a long time since I played the ship and very long for her random but she help against the 5's would have been nice to have a full deck of humans but that's the way it is.

I don't train Captains for other ships but I do like to train them for that particular ship so I have 40 000 XP to go before I have a 10 point Captain in her.


So lets do a quick run down


AA                       Dependable

Guns                    Longest range ( 1 turret short )

Speed                  Fastest BB at Tier 4 

Turning circle       Its a Tier 4 BB that says it all

Suitability             Solid, it can take the damage

Tier setup            You don't have to suffer being turned into scrap iron by Tier 6's


I like her 















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Was never a fan of the Myogi.  Yes, she can hit hard but that's if the shots hit anything.  I always leaned to two premiums, the Ishizuchi and Nikolai I.  Ah, those were the days of playing the Nikolai against T6 and beating them up.

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