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Russia Server vs. rest of the world....


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No, this isn't a russia bashing thread.....

What it is.... is a look into the changes on the Russia server versus what NA, EU, Asia all get in comparison.

That is very interesting as it gives us insight into which dev teams are thinking what and what they generally have in mind for the game.

Flamu did an entire video on this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tQRVaw3rYs&t=659s


To me it sure seems like the Russia dev team has a better grasp of ship balance....especially on the older ships like California and Belfast 43.


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It's a fascinating view now that we have two competing visions for the game...

...a bit of a nightmare for the old development crew as we can take stats from both servers and openly compare what happens with buffs and nerfs...which used to be purely the purview of WG insiders.

Plus, we can defend against gaslighting attempts because another group did something different than the Lesta dogma.


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