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The story of Sergeant Reckless, the most badass Marine horse ever!


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As an old Horse soldier who was part of the Armor Center a long time ago, horses and mules are some of the best low tech transportation systems ever created for rough terrain.   So much so, when the SWC asked about horses in a mountainous area, our answer was........horses !  And, outside of several ceremonial units and one National Guard unit (the First Philadelphia City Troop....  go ahead, look that up - here let me help you)


I went to my Advanced Armor School with a member and I ride horses so............

The discussion we had in the 90's was that Horses, today (then) are still an advanced form of rough terrain transportation, ask ODA 595 about that, and, what we recommended was that one of the CAV regiments contain several troops of horse soldiers and pack animals.....  A resounding NO came back and here we are today.


As the saying goes:  "Often imitated.  Never duplicated"....  Funny how old tech exceeds new tech when we forgot to remember history.....


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