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DevStrike seeking your assistance and input - The Clock is Ticking!


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The clock is ticking, and the DevStrike team is seeking your input and assistance in identifying articles, guides, and tutorials from the old World of Warships forum that YOU would like to see here and not lost forever.

Some of these articles from the old site are dated and/or changes made to the game since published, which require special attention.  Such as broken links, images, charts, formatting, and updated mechanics to the game.  It is far from just a “copy and paste” job for us.

We have a general idea of the important articles, but we appreciate your feedback and suggestions regarding this all-important task.
Therefore, if you have the time, re-visit the old forum, especially the “Game Guides and Tutorials" section on the World of Warships forum.

Other articles from other sections are also fine if you find a “keeper.”

Write down the title and link, if possible, as to what you would like to see carried over to the DevStrike forum and send a message to @HogHammer.  I will compile the results and, based on the number of “like suggestions,” establish a priority list so we can get moving in the right direction.  Remember, a web link is highly preferred and eliminates hunting your suggestion down!

We ask for your assistance in this matter because we want to know what YOU deem important to carry over to the new forum.  We have a general idea, but this is not just our forum; it belongs to YOU – your views and input are critical for our success!

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I nominate the Submarine/Anti-Submarine topics posted by @ArIskandir for preservation.
He's published a lot of stuff that is of practical help.
He's also done a good job articulating his concepts for the explaining things that work and how he'd like the future of WOWs to adjust its development to improve the overall game environment for the enjoyment of all players.
Several of his "best compromise" notions have merit, even if I agreed with some and wasn't on-board with others.  They ideas were well reasoned, I feel.

It would be wonderful if he'd join this forum.  From what I remember, he'd decided to take a break from WOWs in general, though.
So, I'm not sure if anyone can persuade him to reconsider.

Edited to add:  He "wrote the book" on how to succeed with the CV Bearn, too.  
While different from LittleWhiteMouse's work, he contributed a lot of effort to help people.

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I don't have anything specific to recommend for archiving however, I do have bit of a rant.  Whenever I google something about WOWS invariably I see links to the old forums.  To me, the act of turning off the forum server is the biggest middle finger to the player base I can think of right now. Countless hours of members information flushed.  Why?

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I'm working to archive tidbits of interest through the wayback machine, including threads like Mouse's weekly posts on AA change suggestions.

While Destroyer_Kuroshiokai's guides are mostly preserved in the form of his Youtube videos, the threads he creates promoting his Youtube videos and the discussions that follow after could be of value to archive.

Examples that I have archived already: 

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On 9/5/2023 at 12:31 AM, Wolfswetpaws said:

It would be wonderful if he'd join this forum.

Yes, that would be nice, indeed. I discussed several ideas for the forum with him, following the closure announcement. I shall prod him occasionally, in hope. 

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I was also thinking of archiving @Lord_Zath's Zath Chat threads; a lot of valuable information and opinions on the updates WG has implemented can be gleaned from the discussions that took place.

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Just an update to members of DevStrike --

First, thank you all for the tips and suggestions.  They really help a whole lot in our search for important reference/guide/tutorial articles on the old forum servers.  There is still much to be done, however.  The key focus has been on the NA and EU servers so far.  And, yes, they are, in fact, not as "snappy" in loading links compared to when they were still up and running prior to their demise. 

One of the key issues in finding items on the old servers is a lack of cataloging topics.  Many are either buried deep in the forum or misplaced in various sections.  In other words, if you were looking for tactics for destroyer play on the old forums, they could be mixed in with all topics in the "Guide" or "General" section - either pinned or not pinned.  We hope to eliminate that here with sections dedicated to individual ship types.

The other thing on the "to-do list" is the many YouTube World of Warships contributors/content providers.  Here, we will provide a list of these YouTube contributors with a description of the topics they cover and appropriate links to their channels.  Many, as you know, focus on general topics/issues concerning World of Warships. Some do ship reviews, both upcoming and currently available, and others primarily instructional videos. In many cases, some of their content will be expanded here on the forum due to the nature of specific topics they may cover.

So, with that said, thanks for the ideas and tips, and......keep them coming!

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