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Sicilia or Gibraltar


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Gonna get another bureau ship soon. 

I've grown to quite like buffed colombo. Sicilia gets 4s reload, some AA and more faster longer smokes (and some goofy secondaries stuff) over her and trades sap for he. That's all quite nice but it's 60k rp for 4s reload and some minor things. 


I also like Hampshire a lot and Gibraltar has the same great ap rounds in a greater quantity. But I hear the armor is dreadful. Without playing it it's hard to judge how dreadful. And it has a smoke i guess. 


A slightly improved version of a ship I like or a mystery ship that may or may not be able to exist. 

If anyone plays them, I'd like to hear your opinion. 

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RB ships are great if you have points. I’m working my way (slowly) thru getting all the UU’s for all the ships I enjoy. To me the RB is the worst part of the game. Grinding sucks. Normally I just use free Xp to get my RB points.  I wish UU were still available for coal or even steel. 

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