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3V3 brawls at T-IX


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I've been having a lot of fun with these brawls, especially bringing my clanmates into them (div of 2 or 3). 

2 x Rupprecht + 1 Schroder has a ridiculous success rate, but that might just be because my clanmates are particularly bloodthirsty and this works quite well as a "hard push" team. 

Had some challenges hunting down Jagers, and the occasional Yolo Pablo Emilio. Seen LOTS of Pommerns. and smashed a lot of Idaho's. Our attempt with a Musashi and a DD didn't end well (for us) but might have worked better with a "torpier" DD (Z46 wasn't a good choice for that battle against 2 x Pommerns and a Schroder)

What's your favorite composition, and what do you hate seeing on the other side?

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We've been clowning around with a Schroder and pair of Iwami. The occasional yolo Emilio can be a problem. We actually won a lot more than might be expected because those of us in the Iwami often could just slap one of the opponents out before the brawling in earnest could begin. And those 20k damage Shimakaze torps are a great equalizer against people yolo charging in.

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Lots of German secondaries are good to have. Always awkward when the other team has a dd and we don't. They get the caps right off which makes it an uphill battle.

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