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Azur Lane 6th. Wave Collaboration has arrived in the Armory & Premium Shop.


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Azur Lane 6th. Wave Collaboration has arrived in the current "Battle Pass" and the Armory & Premium Shop.




World of Warships and Azur Lane are joining forces once again! Update 13.4 will welcome the Sixth Wave of our collaboration! This time, the already impressive list of Azur Lane Commanders will be joined by five newcomers with individual voiceovers: Shimakaze, Ägir, Hornet, Queen Elizabeth, and Fusō; moreover, three new ships will be added to the game—AL Shimakaze, AL Ägir, and AL Hornet, as well as commemorative flags for the new ships. Additionally, four new themed permanent camouflages for VI QUEEN ELIZABETH, VIII CHAPAYEV, VIII BALTIMORE, and VI FUSŌ, as well as the new "Azur Lane: Ocean Guardians" Premium container, will be added to the game.

Azur Lane Event Pass

Starts: May 15, 02:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: May 15, 05:00 AM
Ends: Jun 12, 02:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: Jun 12, 05:00 AM

But that's not all! Update 13.4 brings a new thematic Event Pass that features new content from the Azur Lane collaboration!

Among the special rewards of the first progression line, you'll be able to obtain Azur Lane containers, an Azur Lane permanent camouflage for VI QUEEN ELIZABETH, plus Commander Queen Elizabeth with an individual voiceover and 10 skill points. After completing the initial 20 levels, you'll receive 1x More Signals container for each extra level completed.

The second progression line can be unlocked for 2,500 Doubloons. After unlocking it, each level of both progression lines can be completed simultaneously either by completing missions or purchasing each level for 1,000 Doubloons. This progression line holds various rewards, including Commander Fusō with an individual voiceover and 10 skill points; a bonus package for Tier VIII ships; Azur Lane permanent camouflages for VI FUSŌ, VIII BALTIMORE, and VIII CHAPAYEV; and "Azur Lane — Siren" permanent camouflages. After completing the initial 20 levels, you'll earn 1x Rare Bonuses container for completing each extra level.


Update: 13.4 | D-day Anniversary


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4 minutes ago, Gaelic_knight said:

i didnt see the D-Day in port this morning  its suppose to be like it was on the PT server but i didnt find the D-Day port 

Because it is time-gated and doesn't start, yet?


Starts: May 29, 02:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: May 29, 05:00 AM

Ends: Jul 10, 02:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: Jul 10, 05:00 AM

80 years ago in June, Allied forces undertook the largest amphibious operation in military history. In honor of this incredible military operation, three new Operations are coming to World of Warships in a new event battle type!

First Operation will be available in Update 13.4, while the second and third Operations will become available in Update 13.5. Each Operation will last for 2 weeks, feature Tier V–VII ships, and accommodate up to 6 players in a Division. The first and third Operations include battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, while the second Operation features German destroyers. If you don’t own the required vessels to participate in this event, don't worry—we're providing rental ships for its duration.

In the first Operation, you'll take command of the Allied vanguard spearheading the landings on Utah Beach. You'll have to fight through enemy naval forces and suppress coastal defenses to ensure the safe arrival of your landing craft.



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Just some For Your Information stuff.

~There are two Azur Lane coupons available in the Premium Shop.
~Purchasing some of the "bundles" which include ships that a player already has in their port will provide doubloon compensation (instead of providing duplicates).

I just finished a purchase of the Azur Lane Shimakaze Squadron, using a coupon, and received doubloons as compensation for the Azur Lane Montpelier and Azur Lane Prinz Heinrich that I already had in my Port.  🙂 

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6 perma camos in the bonus line...so 30% of that line is worse than worthless to me

i used to get the bonus line pretty often...but i'm not gonna pay to dress my ships up in clown suits


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The Azur Lane 6th. Wave collaboration event with World of Warships began, today.
I purchased (using a coupon, in the Premium Shop) the "Azur Lane Shimakaze Squadron" bundle, which included two ships that I already had in my Port (AL Prinz Heinrich and AL Montpelier), thus I received doubloons compensation for those two ships.
But, the bundle also included their respectively named Commanders, which did arrive in my Port (rather than awarding compensation).
So what arrived in my Port was 
~Azur Lane Shimakaze the Destroyer (ship) and her same-name Commander AL Shimakaze (10 skill points)
~ Commanders AL P. Heinrich (10 skill points) and AL Montpelier (10 skill points).
~ three port-slots
~ three limited time missions which award extra XP for each game played with the above named ships
~ Azur Lane Shimakaze commemorative Flag
~ 12,198 doubloons of "compensation"

Interestingly, the recently arrived Commanders AL Prinz Heinrich and AL Montpelier attempted to "take over" the same-named ships while their actually assigned Captains were ashore doing some errands.  Because they looked just like the more experienced Captains, they were able to simply walk aboard and the crew didn't question the situation.  It wasn't until later that the instinctual actions of the newly arrived Commanders were discovered and their mis-assignment was rectified by placing them into the Reserve Barracks.





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The problem for me is the sheer cost of of AL Shimakaze, I'm trying to swing it buuuuut...


Well, it's gonna be T I G H T. ~-~°(o~o;)°~-~

Anyways, I got a Saint Louis permacamo first shot on the random bundles, so that was pretty nice! : ) Also picked up the AL Littorio for 80% off, basically a free AL Littorio with a 2500 doubloons purchase for me, since I already had the ship...And I'm getting the AL event pass rolling. So all in all, not the worst start to things for 13.4.

That said, I would've rather AL Wave 6 had come in 13.6.....but it is what it is.

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