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World of Warships !Speedrun for !Charity with @admiral_revan @onlysmed @searaptor


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Just a little more on the fundraising that @Lord_Zath, @Admiral_Revan, SeaRapator, and Only Smed are doing.  The organization is called StackUp.StackUpLogoWhiteRedFlash.thumb.png.d7e640baff1acaed4997946dd127e69d.png

You can discover more about the organization here:  Military Charity | Stack Up | United States

They recognize that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and emotional distress affect millions of individuals and are a leading cause of isolation, persistent health issues, and hardships within our community.

Active-duty military personnel face extraordinary pressure in the line of duty. However, after their service is over, we understand another challenge begins for many. It is okay to want to be healthy and seek help, whether facing troubling times, feeling a lack of purpose, or having lost the will to persevere. At Stack Up, we aim to break down the stigmas associated with these issues through gaming.

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