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As the new Community Manager for DevStrike! I would like to comment on the past months of our launch and offer a glimpse into DevStrike!'s future. 

Our progress and accomplishments on the forum over the past half-year-plus have been amazing. Looking back, it is hard to grasp how we pulled it off in a very limited and hectic time frame, but here we are.

First and foremost, I must thank all the forum members. This forum would not exist without you. I must admit that bringing together three regional forums has been a challenge. The different regional cultures and, of course, the wide range of views and opinions of World of Warships really kept us on our toes. Regardless, every member has really come together in this effort.  So, the DevStrike! staff and I express our utmost appreciation to all the forum members for the level of civility in discussions, even when views on topics and issues are on different sides of the fence.

So, where do we go from here -

Looking ahead, we have an extensive 'wish list' of enhancements for the forum, all aimed at enriching the experience for the Warships community. While the discussion aspect will remain a cornerstone of the forum, we also plan to delve into much greater levels of reviews, guides, and tutorials. These additions to what are currently available will not only broaden our community's interest and knowledge but also provide valuable resources for all members and guests.  So, as a member of the forum, do look at other areas and topics here in the forum we are making available.

If you are a guest or new to the game, we strongly encourage you to register. By doing so, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge from our experienced members, can research ships, or even share a screenshot of your best game. Your active participation not only enriches our community but also enhances your own gaming experience.

At some point in the very near future, we will allow forum members to provide direct feedback to the forum, such as topics and areas of the forum you and the community would like to have developed or suggestions. Although you currently can contact a staff member via message, these roundtable discussions will take place on our Discord server.  We would like to give members the opportunity to provide live feedback for improvements and suggestions that have not been available in the past.

Having read literally thousands of messages here, getting feedback from CCs, and just talking to the player base, to sum up, there are issues - generally speaking.

Most here have enjoyed playing World of Warships and continue to play it despite its issues, and those issues vary greatly in what one may have with the game.  Within this group of players are those who may come across as shills (they are not) and those who are perceived as hating everything about the game (they don’t).  We all have at its core one thing in common – we play the game, and we really are in this together.  That includes you, DevStrike!, content providers, and yes, even WG.

While everyone may not currently see eye-to-eye, communicate, or acknowledge the existence of, we (you and DevStrike!) can at least be a starting point for current and future discussions by working with all parties who are invested in players' enjoyment of WoWs.  A forum can provide such a point of interaction with the player base on healthy discussions and a source of knowledge provided to new and experienced players which cannot be replicated elsewhere.

We are actively reaching out and promoting Twitch streamers who bring value to the player base. You may have already noticed that in our series of “Streamers of the Month.”  The forum has also implemented training sessions within our DevStrike! Discord to help players enhance their overall skills in the game. I do not believe any of the above has been done before on any WoWs platform.

There is much we want to do to make this a better, more enjoyable game. However, as an all-volunteer forum and our related sites, our time is somewhat limited. If you would like to contribute beyond the forum discussion, we would more than welcome your involvement – from moderation to even creating content. Even if you cannot volunteer, do remember that YOU are the most important part of making the game enjoyable.

My best regards,


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Thank you @HogHammer great job I am cooking as we speak this is for you my fellow cheeseburger lover.


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24 minutes ago, Volron said:

@HogHammer hates me because I like CV's and SS's, and only play Operations, Asm and Co-Op.

Oh, come on. I don't hate anyone or battle type. Now, come over here for a big sloppy kiss.


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